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  • Taiwanese Restaurants
    • Eatogether Buffet
      (Chinese version only) Enjoy fresh natural flavors prepared by our onsite chef using a sumptuous and diverse array of specially selected ingredients. Embark on a sensory journey while sampling the most delicious fare on the island and enjoy yourself to your heart's content in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Our five star service with a smile ensures that every moment is an unforgettable feast of luxury!
    • Palace Hall (Golden China Hotel)
    • Shan Lan Restaurant (The Landis Resort Yangmingshan)
    • Orchid Restaurant (Brother Hotel)
      Regional popular dishes and mouth-watering seafood, all by low-fat cooking.
    • Pearl Liang Chinese Seafood Restaurant (Grand Hyatt Taipei)
      Fresh ingredients and creativity define this fine Chinese restaurant. The proprietess, Ms. Pearl Liang, combines her love of fine foods and antiques in this beautiful space.
    • Hai Ba Wang
      (Chinese version only) Traditional Taiwanese flavors, mainly seafood.
    • Shin Yeh
      If you are looking for a home-cooked Taiwanese meal but cannot find someone to cook for you, then Shin Yeh is your best alternative. Popular with Taiwanese diners, this restaurant is even busy during afternoon and late-night hours.
    • Du Hsiao Yueh Restaurant
      (Chinese Version Only)
      The story began in 1895 with a fisherman with the surname Hong whose family migrated to Fucheng from China’s Zhangzhou. He made a living catching fish. The sea is usually very rough between the Tomb sweeping Festival and the Mid Autumn Festival each year so this became known as the “Slack Season” because the fishermen couldn’t go out to sea. To make a living during the slack season, Hong began selling noodles. His noodles had a unique taste and were quite popular so he eventually began selling them fulltime. In the beginning, he carried his noodles on shoulder poles and sold them in the streets, so he named it “Du Hsiao Yueh (Meaning Slack Season)Dan Tzai Noodles”.
    • Tein He Restaurant (The Landis Resort Yangmingshan)
    • China Pa
      (Chinese Version Only)
      Cuisine, Wine, Cicar, Fusion, Jazz