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  • Vegetarian Restaurants
    • Fruitful Food Vegetarian Buffet
      Meticulously selected seasonal ingredients, a range of different international cuisine styles, and our Fruitful Food Vegetarian Buffet allow you to eat LOHAS inspired meals for a healthier and more exciting lifestyle! We are scrupulous and practical when it comes to the standard of our ingredients and prepare our dishes with an unparalleled attention to detail. We strive to create a relaxed, natural, and vibrant atmosphere so you can enjoy a wonderful and satisfying experience.
    • Loving Hut International Vegan restaurant & Cafe
      Loving Hut, an international chain restaurants providing vegan food, is created with the loving, compassion and environmentally friendly concepts. There are around 30 Loving Huts in Taiwan and more than 220 Loving Huts in the major cities around the world. Each Loving Hut is individually owned, with the autonomy to choose its own menu, thus giving a distinctive difference among all of our locations.