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  • Tea Houses
    • Ten Ren cha FOR TEA
      In order to popularize the trend of drinking tea and to provide a genuine environment for tea enthusiast, Ten Ren opened the cha FOR TEA aimed at the younger generation by combining youth, recreation, and a flourishing tea drinking culture. The cha FOR TEA developed unique flavors of tea-ware, tea desserts as well as tea flavors. The tea meals served at the tea shop are most exquisite. There are 8 tea shops presently operating in Taiwan. In addition to Taiwans market, Ten Ren has rapidly expanded overseas with branches opening in Los Angeles and Sydney. Moreover, Ten Ren has inked an exclusive licensing deal with Japans Sugakico Group for distribution in the Tokyo and the surrounding market.
    • Marshal Zen Garden
      Marshal Zen Garden was bulit in the Japanese-colonized period of 1920's. It was known for its hot spring and was once used as an entertainment hub for the Japanese Kamikaze pilots during the end of World War II. In the 1960's, Marshal Zhang Xue-Liang and wife Zhao Di were confined here by General Chiang Kai-sheik. It is now a perfect get-away that offers fine dining, tea house and private hot spring rooms.