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  • Ecology Research
    • Wetlands Taiwan
      For conservation and wise use of wetlands in Taiwan.
    • The Society of Wilderness
      To protect wild lands, allowing nature to manage and revive itself, by obtaining guardianship and managing authorities of wilderness areas through means of purchases, long term leases, and funding from commissions and donations. To purposefully set aside wild lands and preserve nature in its original state for present and future generations to explore and be enlightened by the wonders of life.
    • Highland Experimental Farm, National Taiwan University
      Located at Ren-Ai Township in Nantou County, Highland Experimental Farm of National Taiwan University bears tremendous climatic, environmental, biological, and ecological diversities. The Farm welcomes students, faculties, and researchers with providing experiment plots, facilities, and accommodation for teaching, practical training, and research on sustainable highland farming and ecosystem. Especially, the Farm also offers environmental education courses to the public for experiencing natural resources and biodiversities in such a unique subtropical highland.
    • Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute
      "Endemic" species are species occur within a particular geographical area and nowhere else. Thus species endemic to Taiwan are unique to this island and found nowhere else in the world. They are an inseparable part of Taiwan's natural ecosystem, and of our lives. If appropriately conserved, they can be used by mankind forever, but if they are allowed to become extinct in Taiwan, they will be lost from the world for all time. These unique Taiwanese species will only survive if we ourselves research and protec them.
    • Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, R.O.C.
      The Republic of China on Taiwan will become a clean, harmonious, wealthy, and modern nation dedicated to sustainable development.
    • Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology
      The Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology conducts both basic and applied research. The investigations undertaken range from biochemical and molecular studies of genetic diversity to studies of the ecosystem.