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  • Museums
    • National Taiwan Museum
    • Taiwan Historica
      The government recognizes the importance of local historic literature to the national development and, therefore, established the Taiwan Provincial Common History Historica on June 1, 1948, to compile the common history of Taiwan Province.
    • Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology
      The museum, which is the only archaeological museum in northern Taiwan, introduces the Shi-San-Hang culture that existed in and around the site between 500 and 1,800 years ago.
    • Huafan Cultural Gallery
      It displays the compact cultural artifacts. The displaying content are mainly "Chinese cultural artifacts", "Buddhist Cultural Artifacts", "The Paintings and Calligraphies of Renowned Artists", and "The Artfacts of University History".
    • Taipei Fine Arts Museum
      TFAM's exhibitions of modern and contemporary art enhance the cultural life of Taipei, a cosmopolitan and international city moving from the 20th into the 21st century. The museum building., whose walls of glass offer wrap-around views of both the natural landscape and the surrounding cityscape, is a landmark and symbol of Taipei.
    • National Museum of History
    • Lien Cheng Saxophone Museum
      Chang Lien Cheng Saxophone Co., Ltd established by Mr Chang Lien Cheng in 1948. A tremendous reputation of making excellent quality saxophone gained for Lien Cheng from the musical industrial. The third generation Mr Chang Tsung Yao created the brand “LC.”
    • National Museum of Natural Science
      The museum collects representative natural specimens and anthropological relics from Taiwan, as well as related information.
    • National Science & Technology Museum
      The museum is to research, design and display every technological subject, introduce the basic theory of the technology, and how they have affected our lives, honor the domestic technical inventions and cite the achievement of our technology development.
    • Museum of World Religions
      The World Religions Museum's displays must have an international field of vision and, whilst actively attracting audiences, should provide essential information and multiplicity of choice.
    • Puppetry Art Center of Taipei
      Puppetry Art Center of Taipei is a multi-functional museum that incorporates puppet displays, teachings, and performances.
    • Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines
    • National Center for Traditional Arts
    • Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei
      (Chinese version only)
      It is the first museum in Taiwan to focus exclusively on contemporary art. Previously the Taipei Government City Hall, this building is now designated as an historic site, and has been refurbished for the Museum of Contemporary Art. It is an example of the redevelopment of old spaces while promoting art and culture in the communities.
    • Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
      The Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts has played an important role in promoting international interchange and conducting fine arts activities in southern Taiwan since it was established.
    • National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute
    • National Museum of Prehistory
      Located on the terraces of the Beinan River, the Beinan site attracted the attention of Japanese scholars as far back as 100 years ago due to the multitude of imposing giant schist columns found there.
    • National Taiwan Science Education Center
      National Taiwan Science Education Center was founded on November 19th , 1956. Designed by Professor Yu-Chun Lu, the NTSEC building was completed in 1968. The area superficies is about 1500 square meters, and the floor space is about 7000 square meters.
    • National Palace Museum
      National Palace Museum promotes its unique collections by hosting high quality exhibitions including long-term exhibitions and special exhibitions of each season. On this website, we have information and artifact highlights from not only current exhibits but also past ones since July 1999.
    • Hualien County Stone Sculptural Museum
    • Museum of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
    • National Taiwan Arts Education Center
    • Discover Center of Taipei
    • Marine Resources Center
    • Juming Museum
      Located amongst trees and hills, Juming Museum houses all the creative works by Ju Ming. From the construction phase of the museum, Mr. Ju insisted that the museum had to be funded by him only and that he would be responsible for all the details and construction himself.
    • Glass Museum of Hsinchu City
      The museum building was reconstructed from Hsinchu Civic Hall that was built as the Japanese royalty residence and a banquet hall in 1936.
    • Endemic Species Research Institute
      "Endemic" species are species occur within a particular geographical area and nowhere else. Thus species endemic to Taiwan are unique to this island and found nowhere else in the world. They are an inseparable part of Taiwan's natural ecosystem, and of our lives. If appropriately conserved, they can be used by mankind forever, but if they are allowed to become extinct in Taiwan, they will be lost from the world for all time. These unique Taiwanese species will only survive if we ourselves research and protec them.
    • Kaohsiung Museum of History
      Kaohsiung Municipal Museum of History (hereafter called: the Museum) is the first history museum planned and established by a local government in Taiwain.
    • Penghu Living Museum
    • National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium
      NMMBA is not only to achieve the national goals in education, culture, economics and recreation, but also to pay our respect to Nature, to show our concern for the aquatic environment, and to prepare for the future world with love and care .
    • Postal Museum
      Here you will find a wealth of information about the history and evolution of postal service .
    • National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
      The museum collects representative artistic art forms such as paintings, sculptures and specimens from Taiwan, as well as related information.
    • Chinese Association of Museums