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  • Zoos/Botanical Gardens
    • Taipei Zoo
      The Taipei zoo was privately established over eighty years ago during the Japanese occupation era.
    • Taiwan Forestry Research Institute - Botanical Garden & Other Learning Centers
    • Renshan Botanical Garden
      (Chinese version only)
    • Shou Shan Zoo
      The Zoo was founded in 1978 Shou Shan Zoo moved to its present spot in 1986. The zoo belong to the Scenic spots Administration of Kaohsiung City now. The Zoo provide a good place for wildlife research Beducation and conservation .It also can promote a high quality place for leisure and develop district .
    • Endemic Species Research Institute
      "Endemic" species are species occur within a particular geographical area and nowhere else. Thus species endemic to Taiwan are unique to this island and found nowhere else in the world. They are an inseparable part of Taiwan's natural ecosystem, and of our lives. If appropriately conserved, they can be used by mankind forever, but if they are allowed to become extinct in Taiwan, they will be lost from the world for all time. These unique Taiwanese species will only survive if we ourselves research and protec them.
    • Guandu Nature Park
    • Yuan Sen Applied Botanical Garden
      (Chinese version only)