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Hsinchu Science Park

Located in the northwest part of Taiwan, Hsinchu is also named the Windy City for three sides of the city are surrounded by mountains with only the west side facing the sea. Nowadays, Hsinchu is mostly renowned for the famous Hsinchu Science Park (HSP). In the proximity of the park are prestigious research and academic institutions, such as Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Tsinghua University, and National Chiao Tung University, which provide quality human resources for the science park while offering on-the-job learning opportunities for employees in the park with its outstanding teaching faculty and facilities.

HSP - Taiwan's first science park - was established on December 15, 1980. Committed to creating a development base for Taiwan's top high-technology industries, the park has been home to a total of 370 high-tech companies by 2003, mostly focusing on semi-conductors, computers, telecommunication, and opto-electronics. As the locomotive engine of the island's high-tech industries, HSP has helped promote the domestic economy over twenty years and was the pushing force behind Taiwan's world-famous economic miracle. HSP prides itself on its excellent development, establishment, and overall management in the park. Not only has it become a successful model science park globally through many years of efforts, but a number of manufacturers in the park have also won acclaims within the country and abroad alike for their enterprise image and reputation. National and international personages and media have been attracted to visit the park, which is now a model example to academics in economics and urban and rural development alike.

HSP is more than a high-tech town; its landscape and environment are as beautiful as a European community's. The area adjacent to the man-made lake is particularly an ideal destination for walking dogs at sunset or enjoying the fun of barbecues with a crowd of friends and relatives on holidays. Reminder: Do not forget to obtain permission from the Science Park Administration first before you hold your barbecue party.

The Science Park Life Hub sits on No. 1, Gongye E. 2nd Rd., HSP, Hsinchu City, right in front of the Science Park Administration. Located right at the core of the park, it is only a three-minute drive to the nearest freeway interchange. This six-floor building on 3,420 square meter of land offers dining, art, reception, exhibition, conference and business functions, and is the only combination building that incorporates expertise and leisure as one.

The HSP is approximately 15 minutes away from the Hsinchu City center and 50 minutes from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport by car. Its road traffic mainly relies on freeways, and it is a 70 kilometer distance to Taipei. It takes 90 minutes to Keelung Harbor to the north and Taichung Harbor to the south by road, while the North-South Railway offers another transport alternative. The complete transport infrastructure greatly facilitates the transportation of goods and personnel.

Travel Information

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No. 2, Xin'an Rd., East District, Hsinchu City
Hsinchu Science Park Links

Nat'l Hwy 1 → Hsinchu Interchange → Sec. 1, Guangfu Rd. → Yuanqu 1st Rd. → Xin'an Rd.


TRA Hsinchu Station → Hsinchu City Bus (No. 1 or 31) to the Science Park stop.

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