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Xiangtian Lake Short Spirit Ceremony

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Xiangtian Lake, located at Donghe Village in Nanzhuang, is home to one of the smaller indigenous tribes in Taiwan, the Saisiat. Every second year, the Saisiat people stage a festival called the Sacrifice to the Short Spirit. This festival goes back to legendary times when the Saisiat are said to have shared their land with a tribe of short people.

In the beginning, the two tribes lived in harmony and helped each other to prosper. Unfortunately, this harmony was destroyed by a single incident involving a man of the short spirit and Saisiat women. The details of what actually happened are unclear, but whatever it was, it was enough to enrage the Saisiat people and to lead to the massacre of the short spirit. Subsequently, the Saisiat experienced many tragedies, which they attributed to the vengeance of the short spirit. In order to appease the angry spirits and make amends for the injustice of their ancestors, the Saisiat hold the Sacrifice to the Short Spirit on the 15th day of the 10th lunar month every other year. Every 10 years an especially spectacular festival is held; the last of these big festivals was in 2006. The Saisiat wear traditional costumes, and the ceremonies take four days and three nights to complete. Visitors are excluded from the more sacred rituals but are allowed to participate in the dancing and singing. Xiangtian Lake can be reached by No.124 County Road. Nearby is Triangle Lake, which has recreational farms where you can pick fruits, camp, or barbecue.

Travel Information

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No.25, Xiangtianhu, Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County
Xiangtian Lake Short Spirit Ceremony Links

National Highway No. 1 → Exit at Toufen Interchange → Provincial Route 124A → Provincial Route 124 → Township Road Miao-21 → Xiangtian Lake Communication Road → Xiangtian Lake


Take train to Zhunan Station → take Miaoli Bus (bound for Nanzhuang) to Nanzhuang → take Miaoli Bus (bound for Xiangtian Lake) to Xiangtian Lake

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