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Niaoyu (Bird Island)

Niaoyu has fine rows of basalt columns that form high sea cliffs along its eastern shore, and in the sea-eroded holes below the cliffs the basalt columns form sprays like blossoming flowers. The weathered basalt along the northern shore, on the other hand, has developed into well-developed onion shapes. When the tide recedes, Nanmiangua Island off the north coast is connected to Niaoyu by a land bridge. The residents of Niaoyu make their living from the sea, and stone cairns designed to dispel evil influences give the dock a unique character.

Travel Information

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Niaoyu (Bird Island), Baisha Township, Penghu County
Niaoyu (Bird Island) Links

1. From Taipei International Airport or Kaohsiung International Airport fly to Magong Airport.

1. From Kaohsiung Harbor or Chiayi Budai Harbor ferry to Magong Harbor.
Ferries from Taiwan to Penghu

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