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Dongyong Lighthouse

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Dongyong Lighthouse was built in late 19th century by British engineers. This white lighthouse has been designated as a third grade national ancient site. In late 19th century, the Qing government opened several ports in this area and thus the lighthouse was built to guide ships. The construction was completed in 1902.

Dongyong Lighthouse faces the Taiwan Strait, located on the northeast of Dongyin Island. It is made of bricks and painted white on the outside walls. The lighthouse is 14.3 meters in height and the light flashes 3 times every 20 seconds. The lighthouse, designed by the British engineers, consists of the main body, the lamp and the roof. It is beautifully designed and has become a tourist attraction in recent years.

Dongyin Visitor Center
No.160-1, Lehua Village, Dongyin Township, Lienchiang County
Tel: +886-836-77266

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Dongyong Lighthouse, Dongyin Township, Lienchiang County
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