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The "Tour Taiwan" app is now available. Just search the web for the "Tour Taiwan" app or scan the provided QR code download link to start enjoying one-tap access to a wealth of travel information on Taiwan.

Available for free download in both Chinese and English versions, the "Tour Taiwan" app gives iOS and Android smartphone users easy access to information on nearby attractions, accommodations, and transportation. The app was released by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau with independent travelers mainly in mind. It offers over 16,000 location-based services, including information on visitor sites, accommodations, dining, travel service centers, police stations, hospitals, parking lots, gas stations, and train/bus stations, ensuring a trouble-free journey.

The "Tour Taiwan" app is organized into the following six modules:
1) Traffic Information: Information on the Taiwan Railway and High Speed Rail systems
2) Useful Information: Information on travel/visitor centers, hospitals, and police stations
3) Around Me: Information on nearby accommodations, shopping, restaurants, and public facilities (parking lots, MRT stations, gas stations, and train stations), based on the user's current location.
4) Location Search: Directions and other information for visitor sites
5) Festivals: Event information

The app also has an augmented reality Goldfinger "Direction Guide" to help visitors find the way to nearby attractions, giving users their own personal virtual guide.

Tour Taiwan App QR code

Tour Taiwan App QR code

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