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Eslite Bookstore
Eslite Bookstore

Eslite Bookstore inspires its counterparts with innovative cultural services. Its space is graceful and comfy, with a large selection of foreign art books. Eslite also hosts an art gallery and holds cultural events. Consumers are presented with a wide range of options as they enjoy this unique experience. The first local bookstore that’s open 24hours a day, 365 days a year, Eslite’s Dunnan Branch is a must-go for all travelers.


The first in Taiwan to provide more than book-selling services, Kingstone Bookstore takes pride in its locally-inspired features. Kingstone’s reading spaces are clean, bright and spacious, and at the stationery sections consumers can find plenty of options. Kinsgtone’s friendly atmosphere makes going to bookstores a relaxing experience. Some locals even say it feels like they are travelling in a fun, new place when they are at Kingstone!

Chongqing S. Road (Book Street)

Chongqing S. Road, hailed as the Book Street, has a resounding history. At its peak, it housed more than a hundred bookstores and publishing companies in total. Today, it is still the best place to buy books for visitors to Taiwan.

Artland Bookstore
Artland Bookstore

Artland Bookstore specializes in art books from across the world. Connoisseurs love to make their book purchases here. It is highly popular among foreign visitors in Taiwan.