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Yilan | Exotic Romance at a Floating Chapel

Renshan Botanical Garden

Renshan Botanical Garden
Photo courtesy of LISHE Fashion Wedding

Renshan Botanical Garden sprawls over a 100-hectare site ranging from 50 to 500 meters above sea level on Xinliao Mountain. The garden's roots as a former forest nursery are evident in the wide variety of trees and flowers growing here. The park's seasonally changing views and accessibility from the city have made this area a popular hiking destination.

It has both Eastern- and Westernstyle gardens, as well as areas dedicated to exotic plants and lowelevation trees. Aiyuan (Tang Dynasty Garden) is a picture of cultural refinement adorned with Tang-style pavilions, corridors, zigzag bridges, and waterside pavilions. The expansive French Garden evokes a luxurious European-palace garden with flowerbeds and fountains. Lanyuan (Mountain Mist Garden) is a Japanese garden complete with a pavilion, Japanese-style wooden doors and other elements.

  • No. 500, Xinliao Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County
  • +886-3-958-5991
  • 8:00am – noon, 1:30pm – 5:00pm
  • Take National Freeway 5 and exit at Luodong. Drive into downtown Luodong and turn right at Chunjing Road. Then turn right at Sec. 3, Yicheng Road. Go straight to the end, turn right, and head past Zhongshan Agriculture Leisure Area.

Lanyang Museum

Lanyang Museum
Photo courtesy of Kadokawa Taiwan

With its cuesta-like form, the Lanyang Museum has become a prominent landmark in Toucheng Township. Different types of stone are combined with aluminum panels in a layered arrangement mimicking the striations and textures of a sea-eroded cuesta and rooting the structure in Yilan's unique cultural and geological context.

A winner of the 2012 International Architecture Award, the design has brought the Lanyang Museum into the international spotlight. Inside, the museum also stands apart from convention. Descending from the upper to lower floors, the displays recount an evolutionary narrative that passes through mountain, plain, and ocean in themed levels. Distinctive display scenery and lighting create a theater-like visual effect, and cleverly convey the richness of the mountains and sea of Yilan.

  • No. 750, Sec. 3, Qingyun Rd., Toucheng Township, Yilan County
  • +886-3-977-9700
  • 9:00am – 5:00pm Thurs to Tues; ticket office closes at 4:30pm
  • Take National Freeway 5 and exit at Toucheng. Turn right onto Provincial Highway 2G and head east toward Toucheng, where it merges with Provincial Highway 2, heading north.