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One Day Senior Travel of Little Liuqiu

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The destination of this trip is Little Liuqiu in Taiwan. The island is typified by beautiful sea-erosed terrain and strange rocks. The unique outlying island life style are the best places for those who want to experience diving.

Tips for Senior Traveler:

Little Liuqiu is the general name of Liuqiu Island. It is only 6.8 square kilometers large, with a 12km coastline. The only offshore coral reef island of Taiwan, it is 14km southwest of Donggang Township, Pingtung County. Little Liuqiu is blessed with many tourist resources. Because is not influenced by northeastern monsoons in winter, this island can be visited all year round. For its unique geological formations, Little Liuqiu has a diverse natural ecology and plenty of beautiful coastal views. The amazing rocks in different sizes and shapes make its scenery even more charming. People are simple and honest here. Temples are everywhere, and graceful old houses abound. A leisurely fishery village it is. There are no traffic lights at all on this island. Pace of life is slow and free. No big budget is needed to enjoy this island of diverse ecology, authentic culture, and LOHAS life.


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Liuqiu is originally named Samagi. Its history can be traced back to 1775, which is during Qianlong year, Qing Dynasty, when Mr. Lee Yue reached the i...
Liuqiu Yu Lighthouse (White Lighthouse)
Liuqiu Yu Lighthouse (White Lighthouse)
Built in 1929, Liuqiu Yu Lighthouse is perched on a hilltop of the Pingtung County island of Liuqiu Yu. Its white, round tower is a reinforced concret...

Travel Information

Take THSR to Zuoying Station or Pingtung Bus Donggang Line 8202 or 8203 (Some buses are low-floor) from Pingtung Bus/Train Station to Pingtung Bus Donggang Station, transfer Dapeng Bay Liuqiu Route 9127D (Please reserve low-floor buses in advance) to Donggang Ferry Terminal station, transfer Ferry to Liuqiu (The ferry trip takes 30 minutes) and rent a bicycle or an electric motorcycle to the tourist attraction. 

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