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Since January 2020, COVID-19 has broken out in all parts of the world, bringing severe impacts to the globe's tourism industry. Since Taiwan has been successful in keeping the pandemic in control, it is considered as a safe destination country. In fact, we are hailed as the Best Leisure Destination in Asia by Global Traveler, an American magazine. To seize this opportunity to transform the industry, we will keep our domestic market growing and build a solid ground for attracting international visitors in the near future. Our goal is to make Taiwan a major tourist country in post-pandemic times.

Catching up with trends such as digitization, localization, and sustainability, the Tourism Bureau, MOTC continues to put a white paper entitled "Taiwan Tourism 2030" into practice. The paper reveals our determination of further developing Taiwan through tourism and mainstreaming the industry. Through the following six highlights, "carrying out legal reforms, opening up new attractions, designing travel themes, drawing more visitors, optimizing the industry, and promoting digital experiences," we aim to deepen the domestic market while expanding the global one. We shall present Taiwan as a hospitable country with beautiful nature and diverse cultures, making Taiwan a superb adventure country in Asia.

Taiwan, a "treasure island," expresses itself differently throughout the seasons. To develop sustainable tourism, we have designed a special theme for each year since 2018: year of bayside tourism (2018), year of small-town tourism (2019), year of mountain ridge tourism (2020). 2021 will be the year of bicycle tourism, whereas 2022, 2023, and 2024 are respectively the year of railway tourism, the year of island-hopping tourism, and year of museum tourism. According to these themes, we will continue to promote our 100 towns in Taiwan, and this is expected to improve regional development. All governmental agencies will work together, and the country's tourism resources shall be well integrated in this way. We hope to introduce Taiwan to people across the world, and invite them to conserve Taiwan's nature and culture together. What's more, celebrating 2021 as the year of bicycle tourism, we are introducing 16 diversified cycling routes. We will also hold tours and events to provide visitors with a comprehensive cycling experience. We shall keep promoting tourism in Taiwan with full force.

We would like to invite fans of Taiwan to take bicycle tours, railway tours, island-hopping, and museum tours. We are sure they shall discover Taiwan much differently and fall in love with such unprecedented experiences!

Year of Bicycle Tourism

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