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Welcome to Taiwan

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in 2018, 1.4 billion visitors travelled around the world. The organization also estimates that by 2030 the number will reach 1.8 billion. In times of digitalization, localization, and sustainability, the Tourism Bureau under the MOTC continues to promote “Tourism 2020 - Sustainable Tourism Development in Taiwan.” By expanding a range of markets, revitalizing domestic tourism, helping local companies to adjust business models, developing smart tourism, and promoting experience tourism, plus concepts such as glocalization, comprehensive tourism, and experience economy, the Tourism Bureau has advertised eco-tourism, bay tourism, small-town tourism, and mountain tourism in recent years. The government aims to present Taiwan as a hospitable country with graceful natural scenery. In the past five years, more than 10 million visitors had actually visited Taiwan annually.

Taiwan is a precious island; it expresses itself differently in each season. After the “year of bay tourism” of 2018 and the “year of small-town tourism” of 2019, now we are promoting the “year of mountain tourism” of 2020 in Taiwan, touting our five main mountain ridges through the classic mountain travel itineraries designed by experienced governmental agencies. We aim to draw visitors from abroad and lead them to explore our high mountains, thereby making Taiwan a world-class destination country. We shall make Taiwan a globally renowned hiking and trekking sanctuary. Again, our goal is to attract, receive, and keep overseas visitors here in Taiwan with our beautiful high mountains, whilst expanding the scale of domestic tourism. To boost our tourism economy, in the near future, we will also promote low-carbon tours with cycling and railway themes. With a focus on further developing our country, and based on the APEC Tourism Minister Meeting’s concept of “harnessing sustainable and inclusive tourism for the Asia Pacific,” we look forward to introducing Taiwan’s iconic culture, nature and industry, as well as our hospitable people to the world.

Smart travel should always be based on heartfelt services. Taiwanese people are hospitable, and looking forward, by 2030, from every two locals receiving one foreign visitor on average, every three locals shall be receiving two foreign visitors. That is, Taiwan will be visited by 20 million foreigners annually by then, instead of 1.5 million tourists now. As to the domestic tourism market, the government plans to hold large activities and integrate special offers along with regional agencies, moving towards the goal of 2,400 million annual domestic visitor counts, from the present 2,000 million. We want Taiwan to be an important destination country that is “friendly, smart, and worth experiencing.”

Taiwan is ideal for island-hopping, small-town tours, mountaineering, and forest hiking. If you are a fan of Taiwan, please visit us often. You shall enjoy this country in many different ways through the refreshing travel experiences we offer!

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