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Welcome to Taiwan

Since January 2020, COVID-19 has broken out in all parts of the world, bringing severe impacts to the globe's tourism industry. Since taiwan's reputation as a safe travel destination has been enhanced further by its successful epidemic prevention efforts. Recent recognition includes being named the "Best Leisure Travel Destination in Asia" by the US travel magazine Global Traveler and one of the world's top-10 travel destinations by Lonely Planet (Best in Travel 2022). To seize this opportunity to transform the industry, we will keep our domestic market growing and build a solid ground for attracting international visitors in the near future. Our goal is to make Taiwan a major tourist country in post-pandemic times.

Catching up with trends such as digitization, localization, and sustainability, the Tourism Bureau, MOTC continues to put a white paper entitled "Taiwan Tourism 2030" into practice. The paper reveals our determination of further developing Taiwan through tourism and mainstreaming the industry. Through the following six highlights, "carrying out legal reforms, opening up new attractions, designing travel themes, drawing more visitors, optimizing the industry, and promoting digital experiences," we aim to deepen the domestic market while expanding the global one. We shall present Taiwan as a hospitable country with beautiful nature and diverse cultures, making Taiwan a superb adventure country in Asia.

Taiwan has a broad array of tourism strengths, including 1,200 kms of coastline, 268 mountains above 3,000 meters, more than 100 hot springs, and the cultural diversity of 16 aboriginal ethnic groups. Following on 2020's "Year of Mountain Tourism" and 2021's "Year of Bicycle Tourism," a multi-theme approach is being initiated in 2022. The focus will be on integrating several major themes, including ecology (mountains, seashores, geology, flowers and birds), culture (folk festivals, indigenous culture, guest villages, museums), food (hot spring foods, Michelin restaurants), and enjoyable activities/interests (cycling, marathons, railway touring). Marketing Taiwan's attractions remains an important focus, and is part of creating a value-added "Tourism Plus" structure. Incorporating themes from past years, we continue to refine and optimize our tourism offerings. By cultivating innovative ideas and concepts, we are developing new tourism highlights. These will help tourists from home and abroad gain a deeper understanding of Taiwan, and perhaps fall in love with Taiwan at the same time. We welcome friends from around the world to come to Taiwan. Everyone, regardless of age, interests and needs, can find an itinerary that is just right for them. These itineraries will allow visitors to discover a new side of Taiwan and enjoy a new travel experience!

We would like to invite fans of Taiwan to take bicycle tours, railway tours, island-hopping, and museum tours. We are sure they shall discover Taiwan much differently and fall in love with such unprecedented experiences!

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