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The Heart of Asia

Taiwan is famous for its towering mountains, with dozens of peaks rising upwards of 3,000 meters and one, the scenic Yushan (Jade Mountain), reaching to nearly 4,000 meters, making it Northeast Asia's highest peak. The geographical richness of Taiwan is especially evident in the mountain areas of the island with their unique landscapes and scenic charms.

One can also discover stunning scenic views on the beautiful coasts of Taiwan. The Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area and North Coast and Guanyinshan National Scenic Area stretch between green mountains and the deep blue sea, offering expansive ocean vistas. And the arboreal passageways at the East Coast and East Longitudinal Valley National Scenic Area will cause wonder and delight. In the sun-soaked south Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area awaits with its tropical charms. And the mountainous Maolin National Scenic Area welcomes you into a world of aboriginal culture, butterflies, the stone houses of the Rukai and nature's scenic beauty.

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