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Hakka Cultural Activities

Tung Blossom Festival

Take a trip to the Hakka Tung Blossom Festival and prepare to be touched by the forests and mountains, covered with Tung flowers, and engulfed in Hakka art and culture. Don't forget to take these impressions home with you!

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  • Hakka Tong Blossom Festival

    Hakka Tung Blossom Festival

  • Tung Blossom

    Tung Blossom

  • Hakka Tung Blossom Wedding

    Hakka Tung Blossom Wedding

  • Shengxing Station

    Shengxing Station

National Yimin Festival

During the Lin Shuangwen incident in the late Qing dynasty, Lin Xiankun of Liuzhangli Village (present day Zhubei) led a group of soldiers and joined forces with other leaders from Guangdong including Wang Tingchang, Chen Ziyun, and Liu Chaozhen to bravely resist invaders. Over 200 men sacrificed their lives in the battle, winning them an imperial decree declaring their loyalty. Later, Lin Xiankun enlisted the aid of local leaders such as Liu Chaozhen, Wang Tingchang, Huang Zongwang, and Wu Ligui in constructing a temple to memorialize the dead. Traditional ceremonies of the Yimin Festival include raising lantern poles, releasing water lanterns, carrying shoulder poles, returning black banners to the woman's parents' home, and Da Shi Ye. 15 villages in Hsinchu and Taoyuan take turns hosting the event, which has a history over 230 years. These ceremonies became a unique form of belief for the Hakka people and turned Yimin Ye into one of Taiwan's main deities. Since the festival occurs during the seventh month of the lunar calendar, it is often organized along with the Ghost Festival, combining the spirit of compassion for departed spirits with respect for those who gave their lives in defense of their homeland. During the seventh month, Taiwan's Yimin Temples organize events to pay the proper respects, and as Xinpu Yimin Temple is the country's main one, it represents the Hakka's religious center. The worship ceremonies organized here have a long history, are held on a large scale, are representative of Taiwan, and are overall highly regarded. The branch temples will gather and return to the woman's parents' home, carrying on Yimin Ye's spirit of loyalty and righteousness.

  • National Yimin Festival<

    National Yimin Festival

  • Grandiose National Yimin Festival<

    Grandiose National Yimin Festival

  • Taiwan Fei Hong Dragon & Lion Troupe

    Taiwan Fei Hong Dragon & Lion Troupe

  • Taiwan Acrobatic Troupe, National Taiwan College of Performing Arts

    Taiwan Acrobatic Troupe, National Taiwan College of Performing Arts

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