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Taiwan Tourism Events

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    2022 Tibetan Culture & Art Festival 8/26-8/28, 11/4-11/5

    Taiwan is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country, and every year the Ministry of Culture organizes a "Tibetan Culture and Art Festival." The festival is the result of many sectors, including public-private partnerships, academia, art & cultural entities, and the general public. Participants have exercised creative approaches to celebrating the festival, and have created an international platform for cultural exchange and understanding.

  • International
    2022 Creative Expo Taiwan 2022-08-05~2022-08-14

    Since the Creative Expo Taiwan was first held in 2010, it has experienced exponential growth in the number of exhibitors, participating countries, and visitors. It has become one of Asia's largest cultural and creative expos. Every year, the expo challenges the public and the cultural/creative community to stretch their imaginations and explore Taiwan's culture. Activities include cross-disciplinary dialogues and topic-based conferences. Design and branding are also discussed, as participants work to promote and broaden Taiwan's cultural and creative soft power.

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    2022 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival & Moonlight Sea Concert Concert: Jun. - Sep. 2022

    Held along Taiwan's East Coast, Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival & Moonlight Sea Concert features large outdoor installation, art studios accessible to the public along Provincial Highway 11, art fairs, and music concerts. The coast's natural environment, indigenous lifestyle, and youth travel are the festival's main themes. 2022 Moonlight Sea Concerts: 6/21、7/14、7/15、8/13、8/14、9/10、9/11、9/12

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    2022 Taiwan Cycling Festival 2022-03-01~2022-12-31

    Since 2010 the Tourism Bureau has actively conducted a whole series of events related to the Taiwan Cycling Festival, enthusiastically inviting the Taiwan public to lay down their "tire" tracks and turn the results of innovation in transportation construction into a new resource for tourism, aiming to make Taiwan into an international-level paradise for leisure cycling. Taiwan has an excellent highway system plus a superior topography so that when cycling, a rider can also appreciate magnificent scenery along the route—and what you have is a cycling tour around the island that boasts a convenient and enjoyable itinerary! The series of activities of the "Taiwan Cycling Festival" focus on bicycle touring and pulls together the tourist and transportation resources of the various county seats to present the specifics of a diverse and local touring culture. Accompanied by beautiful mountains and water scenery, bicycle enthusiasts from around the world can come on a pilgrimage and are provided a varied and rich recreational cycling experience, making the riding of the "iron horse" no longer a simple exercise but rather the perfect experience in body and soul.

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    2022 Wedding Under the Alishan Divine Tree Alishan Starry Night Wedding: 3/13-14, Wedding Under the Alishan Divine Tree: 10/30-31

    With events such as the "Alishan Starry Night Wedding" and "Wedding Under the Alishan Divine Tree," visitors to Alishan are given an opportunity to combine the beauty of its mountains, its timeless forestry railway, its sacred trees that have stood for thousands of years, and the traditions of Tsou culture. The attractions of Alishan are now known on the international stage. It's a place that creates unforgettable romantic memories, and attracts visitors on a short trip together, as well as weddings and honeymoons. Visitors from home and abroad are attracted to the romantic experiences found in Alishan. Alishan Starry Night Wedding: 3/13-14 Wedding Under the Alishan Divine Tree: 10/30-31

  • International
    2022 Taiwan Summer Tourism Festival July to September

    The Formosa Summer Festival integrates several special Taiwan summer recreational activities. The focus is on four themes: 1) shaved ice delicacies, 2) the Summer Solstice 235 (fall in love with me), 3) sand sculpture/art/music and 4) railway tourism. Cross-industry cooperation and marketing is an important part of this effort, including tourism, foods, fashion and the promotion of many well-known brands. The activities help spur further economic development, and together they have created a wonderful brand for summer festivals in Taiwan.

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    2022 Taiwan International Balloon Festival 2022-07-02~2022-08-15

    The Taiwan International Balloon Festival began in 2011. It has created many new opportunities for air-related leisure and recreational activities in Taiwan. It's one of Taiwan's most anticipated summer events. In 2018, the Travel Channel selected it as one of the world's top-12 hot air balloon festivals. In addition to taking a ride in a balloon, visitors can also enjoy activities such as light sculpture concerts. Visitors come from far and wide to enjoy the wonderful shapes and colors of the balloons, and watch as they compete for top honors. The assembled balloons are based on many different themes and characters, including Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob Square Pants and Angry Birds. Weather permitting, visitors can take a tethered ride into the sky. They can also can as the balloons are inflated. Of course group photos with the balloons are high on the agenda.

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    2022 Keelung Mid-Summer Ghost Festival 2022-07-28~2022-08-27

    Keelung Mid-Summer Ghost Festival is one of the 12 major festivals designated by the Tourism Bureau. It started in the Qing dynasty when immigrants from Fujian settled Keelung. Because of disagreements over ancestral origins, they clashed over business, land, plowing, customs, and beliefs, leading to armed conflict, heavy casualties, and hostility. In 1853, a great battle was fought at Hangding (present-day Nanrong Cemetary), with over a hundred casualties. On the verge of another conflict, elders and leaders from either side negotiated a truce. Bodies of the dead were referred to as "Lao Da Gong," and they were buried and worshipped. Based on their surname, people took turns negotiating. These were the 11 families of Keelung, which took turns organizing the Ghost Festival. Family relationships replaced ancestral hometowns as the basis for ties, bringing together the two sides which took turns organizing the festival and offering to lonely spirits. Parade competition replaced armed conflict to preserve the peace. The Mid-Summer Ghost Festival begins on the first day of the seventh lunar month, when Lao Da Gong Temple opens Kanmen, and over the next 12 days the lanterns are lit and colored thread released on Zhupu altar. The Ying Dou Deng procession takes place on the 13th day, the water lantern procession by the seashore on the 14th, the Ghost Festival ceremony on the 15th, and finally comes the Jumping Zhong Kui and Opening Kanmen, on the first day of the 8th month. The entire period lasts a month, and is similar to the Western world's Christmas or Japan's Night Parade of a Hundred Demons. Each ceremony has a historical and folk culture significance, and over the last few years culture and art aspects have been integrated with the traditional ceremony. These aspects include art exhibitions and famous groups from Taiwan and abroad. We hope that the Ghost Festival will increase solidarity and mutual blessing among the people of Keelung.

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    2022 The Dice Game For Mooncakes (Bo-Bing) on Mid-Autumn Festival 2022-08-11~2022-09-10

    Kinmen's Mid-Autumn Festival "Dice Game for Mooncakes," or Bo-Bing, is a folk cultural event that has a history of at least 300 years. Related events also have connections to old traditions related to the imperial examinations. The dice game was a very popular tradition among Kinmen's residents. Today, it attracts visitors from around the world wishing to experience this unique aspect of traditional folk culture.

  • International
    Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnival 2022-09-04

    Nantou is Taiwan's only inland county but is home to the famous, unrivalled Sun Moon Lake, the largest freshwater lake. Attracting visitors from abroad, it's an essential tourist destination, and in addition to scenic beauty, the unique landscape has made it an excellent place for biking, marathons, and an annual swimming competition, which is the area's biggest and longest-running event, starting in 1983. Every year around the Mid-Autumn Festival, swimmers from around Taiwan or abroad gather at Zhaowu Wharf to participate in this grand event. The course is 3000 meters long and in 2002 was officially included among the world's famous swimming competitions. Bringing thousands of swimming enthusiasts from Taiwan and abroad, it has become a grand event.

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