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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle is a public bus service especially designed for tourists in Taiwan. From Taiwan Railway and THSR stations, it takes visitors to all of the major scenic spots in the country. For those not wanting to drive a long distance on their own or join a group tour, Taiwan Tourist Shuttle is the best option. It helps to reduce carbon emissions and is therefore an environment-friendly way to explore a new place.

  • Mascots of Guanzihling route

    Mascots of Guanzihling route

  • Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus

    Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle's popular stops include Nanzhuang full of Hakka charm, Sun Moon Lake with beautiful mountains and waters, Alishan filled with the aroma of tea, and Hengchun with white sand beaches and coconut groves. Taiwan Tourist Shuttle has the most direct routes that take people to their destinations in the most efficient way. Its fare is inexpensive, the wait is never long, and the stops are conveniently located. If you want to appreciate Taiwan in a deeper way, please take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle and discover the country's unique beauty.

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Combo Ticket Info

There are a variety of economical combo tickets to choose from. Feel free to utilize this service and plan your own relaxing trip. Learn more combo ticket info.

Have Fun with Taiwan Tourist Shuttle

What is the best way to use Taiwan Tourist Shuttle? Here are our recommended itineraries. In fact, there is so much fun to have with Taiwan Tourist Shuttle! Find more about the routes to take.

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