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Mountain Tourism

Taiwan is blessed with a richly diverse and variegated topography. Here, mountain peaks reaching nearly 4,000m in height rise fewer than 140km inland from the coastline. Moreover, Taiwan, which straddles the Tropic of Cancer, has the highest high-mountain density of any country in the same climate zone, with its 36,000 square kilometers of high-mountain terrain accounting for over two-thirds (70%) of total mountainous land. Each of the 268 mountains that rise to over 3,000m in height is located in one of Taiwan's five main mountain ranges.
Abrupt changes in elevation coupled with a humid and rain-prone climate that is typical of islands give Taiwan its four distinct seasons, sweeping diversity of flora and fauna, majestic mountain scenery, and wide range of meteorological conditions. A kaleidoscopic array of natural attractions and a diverse cultural tapestry that includes over a dozen vibrantly active indigenous Austronesian cultures help make Taiwan a uniquely attractive international travel destination.


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