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Eastern Taiwan

Eastern Taiwan includes two counties, Hualien and Taitung. It faces the vast Pacific Ocean on the East and leans against the Central Mountain Ridge on the West. Standing in between such magnificent waters and mountains, when the Portuguese sailed by during their early explorations, they exclaimed "formosa," meaning "how beautiful" in their language. That's how Taiwan acquired its other name "Formosa," and this reveals how beautiful eastern Taiwan is. Eastern Taiwan is blessed with lots of natural resources, an old farming culture, and kind-hearted locals. Known as the "back yard" of Taiwan, it is ideal for a slow trip. Take a walk on this paradise on Earth, take some deep breaths, and breathe in sweet air. Long stay is recommended here.

Taroko National Park is not to be missed. Its awe-inspiring steep gorges and strange geological formations are worth appreciation. Xiuguluan River's crooked watercourse cuts through coastal mountain ridges, bringing about twists and turns along the way. The river is perfect for canoeing. Youngsters love coming here to enjoy exciting, challenging moments.

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