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One Day Senior Travel of Taiping Suspension Bridge and Yuantan Natural Eco Park

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Come to Taiping Ladder and experience the longest and highest suspension bridge in Taiwan. Don't miss the natural beauty of the Yuantan Natural Eco Park and the annual firefly season.

Tips for Senior Traveler:

Firefly Season of Yuantan Natural Eco Park
After many years of firefly conservation work in the Alishan area, a large number of fireflies of a number of species can be seen today. The fireflies are most active April-June, but fireflies can be seen all year round in the Alishan area.
Firefly viewing begins as soon as the sun goes down. In spring/summer, fireflies can be seen from 6.30-8.30 pm, and in autumn/winter from roughly 6-7pm.


Tour route


Taiping Suspension Bridge
Taiping Suspension Bridge
Taiping Suspension Bridge is a high-mountain scenic bridge. The 281-meter-long bridge strides across Taipingshan and Guishan at 1,000 meters above the...

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Yuantan Natural Eco Park
Yuantan Natural Eco Park
In this park the creek water is clear and fish can easily be seen. The environment is tranquil and natural. Birds, butterflies, beetles, fireflies an...

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Travel Information

Take TRA to Chiayi Station, transfer Chiayi bus 7315.

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