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Sun Moon Lake
Sun Moon Lake
Sun Moon Lake is a famous natural lake in Taiwan at an altitude of 760m. It is surrounded by layers of green mountains and magnificent views – everywhere you look is a painting of the most splendid mountainous and lakeview sceneries. Various kinds of fish can be found in the Lake if you like to enjoy fresh and delectable dishes. But all in all, travelers should visit Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan's largest inland lake, for the breathtaking lakeside views that offer sights varying in four seasons and at different times of the day.
Small Mountainous Village – Alishan Township, Chiayi
Small Mountainous Village – Alishan Township, Chiayi
Alishan Township has been the dwelling place for Cou tribal people for generations. There are 8 Cou tribes; and within Cou's community system, the tribes are divided into two large communities of Tapangu and Tfuya. Cou's central ethnic culture has brought intimate interactions amongst the tribes – small communities follow the lead of large communities as all tribal people would participate in various indigenous festivals. And each tribe also possesses its own uniqueness – fish of Tanayiku, gazebo of Cayama, maple trees of Lalauya, and Tashan of Laiji. Watching sunrise and the Sea of Clouds at Alishan is on the bucket list for many people; the absolutely magnificent cherry blossoms each year have also always attracted the visits of innumerable families. Alishan's sceneries have been widely acclaimed and have appeared in numerous pictorials and photography works. A famous ballad sings, "One Two Three / Come to Taiwan / Taiwan has Alishan!"
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