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Two-day Tour of Ulaljuc/Taiwu Tribe of Pintung



Tour route

Day1: Wugoshui Settlement + Paiwan Tribe Culture

Zuoying HSR Station
Wugoshui Settlemen,Wanchin Basilica of the Immaculate Conception
Ulaljuc Tribe Guided Tour
Wood Carving DIY at Puljetji Tribe
Old Taiwu Tribe

Day2: Paiwan Tribe Culture ,Old Kaviyangan Tribe Stone Slab House

Old Kaviyangan Tribe Stone Slab House in Taiwu
New Hiking Starting Point of Kavulungan
Kavulungan is situated at the border between Pintung County and Taitung County, belonging to the main mountain ridge at Central Mountain Range’s most southern end. It is at an altitude of approximately 3,090m, where one could simultaneously overlook Taiwan Strait, Bashi Channel, and Pacific Ocean. Kavulungan is also the only mountain higher than 3,000m in southern Taiwan, earning its reputation as "Barrier of Southern Taiwan" and "Mother of Pintung". And for Rukai and Paiwan traditions, Kavulungan is the place where ancestral spirits reside, so it has also been worshipped as their "sacred mountain".
Ulaljuc Tribe
Zuoying HSR Station
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