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Welcome to Taiwan



Dear Friend,


Welcome to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau website. Taiwan is an “oasis” on the tropic of Cancer. In the year 2018, let us together experience this “hidden gem of Asia.”

The internally known travel writer David Code praised Taiwan highly, saying that the island “is a hugely underrated gem of Asia, and any time you spend here will be richly rewarded.”

Taiwan, as an island country, will continue its vigorous efforts to promote tourism and offshore-island exploration this year by initiating the “2018 Year of Bay Tourism” program. Under this initiative, Turtle Island, Green Island, Orchid Island, Little Liuqiu, Qimei, Yuweng (Xiyu), Jibei, Little Kinmen (Lieyu), Beigan, and Dongju will be highlighted in the “Explore 10 Islands of Taiwan” brand, with in-depth experiential activities for all four seasons featuring whale and dolphin watching, seafood dining, lighthouse visits, and small fishing village tours. You must not miss the incomparably rich experiences offered by these activities! Further, the 2018 annual meeting of the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World will be held in Penghu, drawing the attention of bay lovers from all over the world. Taiwan’s diversity of regional tourist attractions, each with its own unique characteristics, is well worth your visit!

Taiwan’s wide diversity of unique tourism attractions will keep you coming back, time after time.

In Taiwan, the cloud-piercing Taipei 101 tower and the frenetic 24-hour pace of life leave no doubt about the cosmopolitan nature of the cities, and the contrast between city and countryside, together with the blending of the old and the new, leaves you with the feeling of being in a time tunnel that passes from the past through the present and into the future.

Along romantic Provincial Highway 3 you will find Hakka villages rich in rustic folkways, with cuisine and culture passed down through the generations. The ancient capital, Tainan, is where history and urban life come together, with temples and historic sites that trace the area’s past. Sunset at Xizi Bay in Kaohsiung and the coastal scenery of Kending, coupled with local night markets and unique main-street characteristics, are powerful attractions for tourists from all over the world.

The towering heights of majestic Mt. Jade and the connected peaks stretching north and south enrich the island’s geologic landscapes. The soaring sacred trees of Alishan, the sea of cherry blossoms at Wuling Farm, and the terraced tea plantations of Sun Moon Lake and Yuchi Township all call out for a personal visit.

In eastern Taiwan the main modes of travel for tourists are railway and bicycle. In high summer, the view outside the train window is dominated by glossy green paddies; at the time of the autumn harvest, the landscape is transformed into a vast sea of golden rice. Each season and each landscape has its own enchanting scenery and heart-stopping allure. The beauties of eastern Taiwan—the vast Pacific, the tranquil rural landscapes of Yilan, the awesome Taroko Gorge in Hualien, and the hot-air balloon carnival on the Luye highlands of Taitung—all attract the eyes of the world.

Taiwan is blessed with a diverse range of exquisite beauties, each corner of the island having its own unique scenery filled with local stories and touching moods. We welcome you to visit Taiwan and experience its island life, to tour around this beautiful island, this secret realm for travelers, this repository of culture, and enjoy an encounter with the warm friendliness of the island’s people.

Taiwan warmly welcomes you to a friendly, smart travel experience!


Tourism Bureau, MOTC, R.O.C