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Tongliang Great Banyan

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A massive banyan tree said to be more than 200 years old forms a canopy over the courtyard of Bao’an Temple in the village of Tongliang, at the western tip of Baisha Island. The main trunk of the tree is not very impressive, but its aerial roots form a miniature forest of subsidiary trunks that covers an area of more than 660 square meters. The Tongliang Banyan is revered by the people of Penghu as sacred, and has been designated as the official county tree. Its ability to thrive in such an inhospitable, wind-swept environment makes it a symbol of the indomitable spirit of the Penghu islanders.

Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)
Country Road Pang 8-1, Baisha Township, Penghu County
Tongliang Great Banyan Links

Magong City → County Hwy 203 → Jhongjheng/ Yong-an bridge → Baisha Township → Gangzih → Chikan → Houliao → Tongliang villiage.


1.Take plane to Magong Airport, transfer to Magong Shuttle Bus North Ring Line, get off at Tongliang Great Banyan stop.

2.Take Blun Line(Tong Liáng Line, wài an Line) at Makung Terminus, get off at Tong Liáng Station.

Accessible Transportation:


Take Magong Shuttle Bus North Ring Line(Low), get off at Tongliang Great Banyan stop.Please see bus schedule on Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus Web.

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