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Taiwan Black-foot Disease Socio-Medical Service Memorial House

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For the establishment of this memorial house, Dr. Wang Jing He, the father of blackfoot disease, contributed his former clinic that has ceased operation for many years. It was subsidized by the Council for Cultural Affairs for its setting as a local cultural museum. In the past, the Wang Jing He Clinic and former sites of clinics in the nearby vicinity of Beimenyu, as well as Beimenyu Church, were centers of medical treatment for blackfoot disease. Despite offering free medical treatment and assistance, they were also important providers of mental and spiritual support to the patients. The memorial house commemorates the selfless devotion and great love rendered by the medical personnel and church members.

Travel Information

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No27, Yonglong Village, Beimen Township, Tainan County, Taiwan
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Nat'l Hwy 1 → Xinying Interchange → County Hwy 172 → Prov. Hwy 19 → County Hwy 171.


Take train to Tainan Railway Station, transfer Xingnan Bus(toward Qingkunshen) to Beimen Stop.

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