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Jincheng Township, Kinmen County: Old World Charm in Houpu

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Houpu has a history dating back six or seven hundred years. It is the political and economic center of Kinmen and home to numerous legends and historic sites. The cultural legacy of the town combines southern Fujianese and overseas Chinese influences, as well as traces of its battlefield history. To walk its streets is to take a journey back in time.

Houpu is also well positioned geographically, weaving together the river, sea, harbor, and town into the rhythm of life. Visitors can explore the scenic lakes and hills or relax by the sea and watch the birds riding the waves. A simple elegance, beauty and human warmth all contribute to the lasting impression one invariably brings home from a journey to Houpu.

Travel Information

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Juguang Rd., Jincheng Township, Kinmen County

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