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Duxingshi Village Cultural Park

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  • Duxingshi Village Cultural Park
  • Chalet
  • Pan An-Bang Museum
  • Zhang Yu-Sheng Museum

Duxingshi Village is the oldest military housing in Taiwan. In addition to the distinctive living quarters and the history background, it is also famous for two singers: Pan An-Bang and Zhang Yu-Sheng. Both of then spent their childhood here. Pan's single "Grandmother's Penghu Bay" and Zhang's "My Future Is Not a Dream" were once the hits. Now their former residences have become space for art exhibitions and a memorial museum.

Open Hours

The Cultural Park opens All Day.
Zhang Yu-Sheng Museum & Pan An-Bang Museum Opening hours:
April ~ September 08:00~12:00 14:00~18:00
October ~ March 08:00~12:00 13:30~17:30

Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Magong Terminal → Turn left at Jieshou Road → Duxingshi Village Cultural Park.


Take Blue Line bus-Wai'an Line (Wai'an-Magong), get off at harbor stop, and walk for 10 minutes.

Accessible Transportation

Take Blue Line bus-Wai'an Line (Wai'an-Magong)(Low-floor buses operate at fixed shifts), get off at harbor stop, and walk for 10 minutes.

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