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Aug 23rd Artillery Battle Museum

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  • Aug 23rd Artillery Battle Museum
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Located in Zhongzheng Park, this museum was built in 1988 as a memorial to the long weeks of the artillery war. Its displays are designed to give a sense of the valorous events of that period.

On either side of the main entrance to the museum are carved the names of the 587 soldiers who lost their lives in the bombardment. On the left side are displayed the man air fighter used by the Nationalist forces at that time—the F-86 Saber and the main artillery piece, the 155mm cannon. On the right side is one of the amphibious landing craft—an LTV-that played such a vital role in transporting troops and materials during the battle. These displays help observers imagine what the joint operations of the three service branches must have been like.

Inside the museum are historical artifacts in 12 display areas for charts, photographs, documents, relics, and models. Together, these comprise a complete history of the artillery war. A visit to the museum gives observers a strong feeling of how the military and the civilians of Kinmen drew together to resist the aggressor when artillery shells were falling on the island in a dense downpour.

Memorial tablets commemorating the victory in the August 23 Artillery War have been erected at Magpie Mountain and on Little Kinmen to remind visitors of the sheer determination and resolute will which allow life to go on, even in the most trying circumstances.

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