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Shanhou Folk Cultural Village

Kinmen CountyScenic Spots
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  • Shanhou Folk Cultural Village
  • Entrance, Shanhou Folk Cultural Village
  • Inside Shanhou Folk Cultural Village
  • Passage between Historical House
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Shanhou Folk Cultural Village is located in Shanhou Village. The village was built in 1900. With an area of 1,230 pings, the village has eighteen buildings and houses of traditional Fujian style. The buildings were built by the Chinese Japanese Wang Kuo Chen and Wang Ching Hsiang for their relatives and materials were shipped from Changzhou, Chuanzhou and Jiangxi Province. It took 20 years to finish the construction. The eighteen buildings and houses were damaged after years of wind erosion. The Kinmen government redecorated the buildings and claimed it a cultural village.

The buildings here are carefully-designed and well-decorated in traditional Chinese style, presenting the characteristics of Chinese architecture. The structure, paintings and sculptures are refined. In 1979, the Kinmen government reconstructed the ancient buildings and set up museums and exhibition rooms, presenting the best characteristics of Kinmen.


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