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Lukang Tianhou Temple

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Lukang Tianhou Temple is the one of the three major historic sites in Lukang. It lies on Zhongshan Road, Lukang. In the Ching Dynasty, General Shi Lang built the first temple of Goddess of Sea in Taiwan. The statue in the alter was imported from Meizhou, China. There are over 1 million worshipers coming here every year. With the smoke of the incense, the statues face has turned black, so the Goddess is also called black-faced Goddess.

Lukang Tianhou Temple is sublime and solemn and has elegant murals and paintings. In front of the temple is the dragon pond in a small garden. In the back of the temple, there is a culture museum of Goddess of Sea, introducing the history the Goddess and the role of the Goddess in the society. The historic materials preserved here are valuable, such as the board inscribed by a Ching emperor and officials, photos of the Meizhou Temple, and so forth.

One of the oldest temples in Taiwan to Mazu, the temple you see today is the result of a renovation in 1936, a Taoist divinity venerated as Goddess of the Sea and Empress of Heaven, is situated at Lukang. Mazu's birthday is March 23rd of the lunar year.

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Nat'l Fwy 1 → Exit at the Changhua Interchange → Prov. Hwy 19 → County Hwy 142 → Zhongshan Rd.


Take TRA to Changhua Station, transfer Changhua Bus 6902 (bound for Lukang) to Xiyuanqian stop.

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