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Bada Forest Paradise

Pingtung CountyRecreational Areas
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  • Entrance, Bada Forest Paradise
  • Mahogany Forest
  • Mahogany
  • Green Iguana
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The origin of Bada Elf Paradise was Chiaochow Vacation Park. In 1998, Japanese financial group invested the money to manage. It turned successfully into Bada Elf Paradise. It will make the tourists feel like placing in the nursery tale-dreaming center. The whole area of Bada Elf Paradise is about 17 hectare. It is constituted by two thousands more mahoganies with the tree age over 80 years old. The forest is full of abound fresh fragrance air. You can take forest bathe, barbeque, and get some information about the forest. The entire parkland is taking the English chateau style design. It can satisfy visitor to the fancy of nursery tale. And the main theme "Green forest castle" was divided into eight chateaus. The eight themes are designed with story type to make cascade. All the animals and plants were named and personify with a new life to let the tourists enjoy the fun with the characters in the fairy stories. Creative and new designs make Bada Elf Paradise the special amusement park in Taiwan.

The Flora Forest is the administrative center of Green forest castle. There planted a lot of flowers. Visitors can take pictures with the white pigeon flying and dancing in the sky. The food forest is the populace good dinner fabricator area of Green forest castle and it plants every style of delicious botanically. The amusement equipments are established in the machine forest of Green forest castle. There are ten kinds of machine amusement equipments in the park. It is the machine of magnitude kingdom in south Taiwan. Another part is about the nature biome. The garden designs outer insect biome education area and beautiful water world. The nature wild biome is shown in front of you. You can get many kinds of knowledge about the animals. The visitors can touch and feel the animals with the great fun.


The facility is closed for now. The area's forests and other recreational services are still available. The organizer retains the right to adjust performance schedules.

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Nat'l Hwy 3 → Exit at the Zhutian System Interchange → Prov. Hwy 88 → Exit at the Zhutian End Interchange → Chaozhou Rd.

Take TRA to Chaozhou Station, continue by taxi.

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