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Jiaming Lake Trail/Chishang, Taitung



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Small Hakka Town - Chihshang Township, Taitung County
Small Hakka Town - Chihshang Township, Taitung County
The name "Chihshang" is originated from the meaning of "being above (shang) Lake (chi) Dapo. Lake Dapo is located at east of Chihshang and was once the largest lake in Taitung. Lake Dapo is a natural inland lake with abundant ecological resources. In the early days, many families were living off the fish caught along the lake. They would use bamboo rafts and fish baskets to catch fish, and over the recent years, "Bamboo Raft Festival" has been held every year in Chihshang to commemorate this part of Chihshang people's history. Ploughing in spring, cultivating in summer, harvesting in fall, and storing in winter are the routine that Chihshang people live by year after year. Chihshang is located in the southern section of the East Rift Valley, where the land also extends a broader area. An alluvial fan washed off by the water streams flown off from the mountains on both sides give off soil with high adhesiveness and suitable for paddy field cultivation. Therefore, Chihshang is also known as "home of rice"; as the brand of "Chihshang Rice" is established, sceneries of paddy fields in Chihshang have also become well renowned.
Siangyang National Forest Recreation Area
Siangyang National Forest Recreation Area
Located in the periphery of 147-158 km of the Southern Cross-Island Highway, Siangyang National Forest Recreation Area ranges more than 2,000 meters above sea level and covers an area of 362 hectares. This is the upper reach of Xiwulu Creek where is a mountainous recreation area. Beautiful scenery, typical cool-temperate climate with an average annual temperature of about 11.4 ℃ make here the best place for summer and ideal choice for hiking in southern Taiwan.
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