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International Cittaslow Slow Town – Sanyi Township, Miaoli County
International Cittaslow Slow Town – Sanyi Township, Miaoli County
A city certified and recognized by the international organization of Cittaslow in 2016 – it is a small town that visitors absolutely cannot miss during the Year of Small-Town Tourism. People have adored Sanyi for its wood carving craftsmanship and the Old Mountain Line Rail Bike. Both of them are displays of exquisite century-old craft skills that have been passed down from the period of Japanese rule, which are still today attracting visitors to come by and stimulating tourism in surrounding areas. Come visit Miaoli! Come explore and experience Sanyi’s charm!
Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area
Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area
Guanwu Park is located on the border of Wufeng District, Hsinchu and Tai'an Township, Miaoli. As the mists here are very thick and dense, it is also called the country of clouds. Entering Guanwu Park from Zhudong, Hsinchu County, the scenery along the road is fascinating with special clouds and mountainous views. Guanwu Park has an altitude of 1,800 meters and is the entrance to Dabajian Mountain. The Hsinchu Forest Bureau has built many tour tracks, leading to ancient trees as old as 2,000 years old, forests and waterfalls. In addition, the forests also have several species of mountain birds, endangered plants and animals.
Say-Siyat Cultural Museum
Say-Siyat Cultural Museum
The Museum owns a wide collection of bamboo woven pieces, ramie fabric, indigenous creative art pieces, as well as indigenous peoples’ fishing and farming equipment. The Museum also offers detailed explanations of Say-Siyat festivals, so that it is not only a place for people to learn about Say-Siyat, but it also carries the mission of passing down Say-Siyat cultures. In the future, the Cultural Museum is planning to conduct Old Tfuya Trail photography contest and to host various kinds of craftsmanship and gourmet exhibitions. It is hoped that with the richer content, the Museum will enter the international stage and become a world-class cultural museum.
Ayatal Indigenous Cultural Park
Exhibitions inside the Ayatal Indigenous Cultural Park encompass the distribution and migration of indigenous tribes in Tai'an Township, introduction and photos of local Ayatal's cultural indigenous festivals, as well as displays of cultural relics such as wood sculptures, rattan tools, fabric and clothing, and Jew's harp. The Park has also set up a night-time forest zone and traditional bamboo huts for visitors to experience along with lively and interactive guided tours. In addition to still displays, there are also hot spring bath experience area, holiday art and cultural performance and street market, so that visitors could also enjoy indigenous singing and dancing as well as tribal gourmet. It is hoped that through effective management, indigenous cultural tourism development will be stimulated, Ayatal traditional culture can be passed down, indigenous peoples' rich cultural elements and tourism resources can be presented and exercised, and a leisurely environment can be offered for the visitors, so that the overall tourism industry development for the indigenous tribes can be vitalized.
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