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Houli Horse Ranch

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  • Houli Horse Ranch

Established in May, 1952, the Houli Horse Ranch was the stud farm of Taiwan's Combined Logistics Command. Its mission is to improve horse breeds to serve both the country's military and civilian needs and to sustain national traditional cavalry and horse policies. Decades later in 1997, Houli District Office took over its administration.

Since then, the ranch has been transformed into a leisure and tourism-oriented park with modern facilities and diverse management directions. Nowadays, there are adorable "mini horses", gentle "parent-child horses," nimble "horse riding training horses," speedy "control horses," as well as "Arabian horses" and "British pure blood studs" for breeding purposes, each with its own unique features. In addition, the ranch is full of life with vast green pastures everywhere, luxuriant century-old trees accentuating the landscape here and there, and the sound of horses and birds in the background of traditional historic buildings of the horse ranch. Visitors can enjoy a most relaxing day here.

In addition to horse riding, there are other activities for visitors to choose from such as horse carriage-riding, shooting and healthy scooters and a camping area for barbecue. As the island's best horse ranch, most of the national horse riding competitions in the past decades were held at the ranch's horse riding center. Apart from making contributions to the development of horse riding as a sport, the ranch is also a place where academic and organization groups can go for inter-action activities. Houli Horse Ranch indeed has educational and academic benefits as well as recreational and tourist ones. It is a unique tourist and recreational center in Taichung City.

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