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Jinshi Lake

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  • Jinshi Lake
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Jinshi Lake is situated at Fudingjin at the upper reaches of The Love River at the northeastern side of Kaohsiung City. The original name is Dapi. Because of being next to Shi Mountain, it is called Jinshi Lake. The source of water comes from Dingjin Canal (Dingjinzun) at the east side of the freeway, and the lake water flows into Kaohsiung Port through the escape canal of the administration and The Love River. Shi Mountain was called Hutou Mountain before.

After Taiwan's restoration from the Japan's governance, the Feng-shui master discovered that Hutou Mountain has the auspicious terrain, Woshi (the sleeping lion). The soil is loess, therefore people use gold (jin) to describe it. Shi Mountain has exuberant forests, and the old banyans have twisted roots and intricate gnarls. On the mountain, there is a pavilion. To ascend the stairs, you can overlook Banping Mountain, Shou Mountain, and the green field and the farmland of Gaoping plains from the mountaintop. To take a rest and enjoy the cool here, and look far into the distance of the landscape of lakes and mountains, the eyes can catch the panoramic view of the beautiful scenery.

Jinshi Lake Park is the predetermined site of No. 6 Park at Wanzinei District in the current urban development plan. The entire area is 25 hectares: the area of the water region is approximately 11 hectares; the area of the land, including the peninsula in the lake and the hinterland at the south and north sides, is approximately 14 hectares. Presently, the administration is strengthening doing the work of cultivation and greening to maintain the local landscape of mountains and waters and make it become a green forest of Kaohsiung City.

Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Nat'l Fwy 1 → Exit at the Dingjin System Interchange → Dingli Rd. → Dingjinhou Rd. → Dingjin Central St. → Jinding Rd.

  1. Take TRA to Kaohsiung Station, transfer Kaohsiung City Bus 33 to Jinshi Lake stop.
  2. Take TRA to Kaohsiung Station, transfer Kaohsiung MRT to Kaohsiung Arena Station, then transfer Kaohsiung City Bus 168 E Main Line or 168 W Main Line to Jinshi Lake stop.
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