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Guningtou Battle Museum

Kinmen CountyMuseums
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  • Guningtou Battle Museum
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This was the scene of the 56-hour bloodbath that began when Communist troops landed on the shore and ended in victory for the Nationalist forces. A memorial tablet on the coast commemorates the battle, and the battlefield's entrance, built in the form of a Chinese city gate, is topped by a bronze statue of a heroic soldier.

This steel-reinforced cement building on the site of the Guningtou Battlefield is designed to resemble a fortress. It was built in 1984 as a memorial to the heroic actions of Kinmen's defenders, who at great cost drove off the Communist invaders and won a great victory for the Nationalist forces.

The sides and entrance of the museum are adorned with large relief sculptures portraying the spirit of the soldiers who fought in this notable battle. On grassy areas to either side are displayed "Kinmen Bears" -the M5 AI tanks which played a decisive role in the fighting. In a circle at the front of the building is a sculpture of three heroic fighters.

Inside the museum are 12 oil paintings by prominent artists depicting the battle, along with displays of other materials, documents, and photographs relating to the fighting and the victory that followed. The aim of the museum is to portray the spirit of sacrifice manifested by the soldiers who fought so hard and gave so much for their country.


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