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Daqiu Island

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  • Daqiu Island
  • A view from Daqiu Island
  • Formosan Sika Deer
  • Daqiu Fort
  • Overlooking Daqiu Island


Daqiu Island, Beigan Township, Lienchiang County
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Once a military outpost, Daqiu Island is currently uninhabited, though the old village, school and military facilities remain as a reminder of the past. At the end of a nature trail is a view platform that looks out to Gaodeng Island.

There is no regular boat service to Daqiu, but visitors can join tern-watching tours to the island from every July to September. Arranged by the Lienchiang County Government and Matsu National Scenic Area Administration, the boat tours pass by the reef islets of Baimiao and Zhongdao to view the terns in flight.

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