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Matsu National Scenic Area

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  • Nangan Beihai Tunnel
  • 88 Tunnel
  • Iron Fort
  • Dongyong Lighthouse
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Matsu is named after the Goddess of Sea, who carried the body of her drowned fisherman father back to shore. The casket of the Goddess is still preserved in a local temple. Matsu consists of more than 10 islets with a total area of 28.8 square km. Due to its sensitive position, Matsu used to be a military fortress like Kinmen. With the cross-strait relations growing friendlier, Matsu is now developing its tourism. In 1999, Matsu was designated as a national tourist district and began attracting tourists.

Scenery in Matsu differs with the four seasons. The spring is the blossom season and the summer is perfect for sea watching. The autumn is particularly comfortable and the winter is suitable for fishing. Islets in the vicinity often attract photographers and painters. Many tourists come here to appreciate the starry skies at night and to enjoy local food.

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  1. Take plane to Nangan Airport, transfer Lienchiang County Bus - Nangan Mountain Line to Ren'ai stop.
  2. Take ferry to Nangan Fu'ao Harbor, transfer Lienchiang County Bus - Nangan Sea Line to Fu'ao Ling stop, transfer Lienchiang County Bus - Nangan Mountain Line to Ren'ai stop.

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