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Palm Lakes Resort

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No. 24, Third Farm, Xinfu Vil., Fanlu Township, Chiayi County
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Total fairway:18

Fairway length:7,064 yards


Driving range:Not available

Other:lodging, SPA

Situated at the foot of Alishan Mountain, Palm Lakes Resort is a multifunctional resort combining golf, lodging, cuisine and spa. A Southern Asian style clubhouse is nestled among palm trees, tropical flowers and plants, creating an authentic tropical island ambience. The course is designed by the great contemporary course designer Shunsuke Kato. Fairways meander through tropical trees with green lakes and white bunkers scattered everywhere. Strategies are still quite important playing the course at the place of quiet beauty.
Palm Lakes Resort uses bent grass for its greens and the turf is planted in accordance to the U.S.G.A. standards. Bent, ideal for greens, is a species growing in cold areas with fine leaves and a dense growth. It is more capable to grip the golf ball compared with the Bermuda grass commonly seen in Taiwan’s golf courses. These features help boost golfers’ performance to the best, thus making the bent grass the most preferred choice for golf connoisseurs. The unique quality can be easily sensed by golfers good at hitting backspin.

To make Palm Lakes Resort a relaxing getaway destination, the resort provides luxury facilities, bringing people a wonderful experience similar to being at a five-star hotel. The view cabins show an exquisite luxury similar to that of the Four Seasons, with great views and scenery accessible from every guestroom.

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