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One Day Senior Travel of Matsu Beigan

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The War and Peace Memorial Park presents Matsu's warlike atmosphere, a stroll along Banli Beach, a tourist consultation at the Beigan Visitor Center, and a stroll through the Qinbi Village, where the stone house alley have what are called "Minto" buildings made from local materials and rich shells from the coastal sea. If you want to experience Greek-style architecture without going abroad, you can find it in Qinbi Village.

Tips for Senior Traveler:

Watching Blue Tears
The precious Blue Tears can be appreciated from May to September annually, although this can only happen through luck, not planning. If you want to watch Blue Tears, add a few extra days to your trip to Matsu and bring a relaxed and happy mindset. With the right tidal time and winds, your chance of seeing such treasures of nature will greatly improve.
To increase your chance of seeing Blue Tears in the tunnel at night, no light pollution will be allowed. But this can make the journey more risky, too. To ensure your own safety, wear life jackets all the way through, and never stand up or play around. Closely follow the staff member's instructions.


Tour route


War and Peace Memorial Park Exhibition Center
War and Peace Memorial Park Exhibition Center
Planning began in 2003 for the Peace Memorial Park, which encompasses Strongholds 06, 08, and 12 and covers a total of 38.8 hectares. The completion o...

Accessible Toilets:1

Accessible Parking:1

Wheelchair Rentals:1

Beigan Visitor Center
Beigan Visitor Center
Beigan Visitor Center is next to Banli Beach, about three minutes by vehicle from Baisha Harbor Beigan Visitor Center provides free travel information...

Accessible Toilets:2

Accessible Parking:1

Wheelchair Rentals:1

Qinbi Village
Qinbi Village
Qinbi Village is located on Beigan Island of Matsu, between the Qin Mountain and the Bi Mountain. It features the typical southern Fujian village. The...

Travel Information

  1. Take plane to Beigan Airport, trasfer Beigan to Peace Memorial Park Route (Morning or Afternoon) (Low-floor bus need advanced reservation).
  2. Take ferry to Beigan Baisha Harbor, transfer Lienchiang County Bus - Beigan Mountain Line or Sea Line.
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