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Hsinchu-Miaoli Tourism Union

Hsinchu and Miaoli offer a unique unhurried way of life. Here, you are welcomed by rustic countryside vistas combined with genuine warmth. The ancient streets beckon for relaxed strolls, granting glimpses into the historical allure of courtyard homes, renowned shops, and the residences of notable figures that have gracefully withstood the test of time. Embracing tradition and harmony with nature, the Hakka lifestyle adds a dazzling touch to the Hsinchu/Miaoli region. Savory delights stem from the astute use of local treasures and resourceful living. When spring arrives, the blooming white tung flowers entice travelers to go on excursions. Participating in markets held on the region's old streets or in the countryside allows one to savor the carefree spirit of amiable vendors and their artistic craftsmanship.


  • Shengxing Station
    Taiwan Strait, Coastline: Hsinchu Fishing Port and Changhua Oyster Field
    No. 3, Xingang 3rd Rd., North Dist., Hsinchu City

    Taiwan Strait, Coastline: Hsinchu Fishing Port and Changhua Oyster Fields The 130-kilometer coastline from Hsinchu County to Changhua County offers rich coastal landscapes and cultural characteristics. Nangliao Fishing Port in Hsinchu is a seafood paradise, where fresh catches arrive in the morning from the previous day's fishing trips. Visitors can shop at the port market or enjoy Taiwanese seafood cuisine at local restaurants. Next to the fishing port, a 17-kilometer coastal bicycle trail awaits exploration of nature and designed landscapes. Changhua's coastal oyster fields produce plump and delicious oysters. "Sea buffaloes," specially trained to walk in the intertidal zone, are used for oyster transportation and can only be found in Fangyuan. Travelers can take a buffalo cart tour to explore the oyster fields' ecology and savor grilled oysters and seafood porridge. At the Wanggong Story House, artists have created sculptures of characters and birds using oyster shells as artistic materials. Oyster shells and fishing nets are employed in eco-friendly creations, and you can participate in workshops to showcase your creativity.

  • Hsinchu, Beipu: Beipu Old Street and Chiang A-Hsin Mansion
    Hsinchu, Beipu: Beipu Old Street and Chiang A-Hsin Mansion
    No. 10, Beipu St., Beipu Township, Hsinchu County

    The town of Beipu is always swarmed with visitors during weekends. The open-air market satisfies tourists' curiosity with traditional snacks and nostalgic toys. The streets are also densely filled with historical sites. The Jin Guang Fu Mansion, built in 1835, is a designated national monument, witnessing the historical settlement and development by Hakka and Hokkien people. The well-preserved courtyard architecture and house details are captivating as well as intriguing. The Ci Tian Temple, Tian Shui Tang, and Zhong Shu Tang each represent different eras, showcasing the historical layers of Beipu. Chiang A-Hsin Mansion, completed in 1949, is a two-story Western-style mansion. It was the private residence of local celebrity and founder of Yung Kuang Tea Company, Chiang A-Hsin. Now, it serves as a small museum offering 1-hour guided tours (reservation required). Each room inside the mansion exhibits the life of the tea tycoon and narrates the success story of Hoppo Tea's overseas export. The TV drama "Gold Leaf," based on Chiang A-Hsin's life, gained widespread popularity around the nation, and here, you can purchase replica packaged teas.

  • Miaoli, Tongluo Tongluo Bike Trail and Taiwan Hakka Cultural Museum
    Miaoli, Tongluo Tongluo Bike Trail and Taiwan Hakka Cultural Museum
    No. 6, Tongke S. Rd., Tongluo Township, Miaoli County

    If you're planning a cycling trip in Taiwan, the Tongluo Bike Trail will undoubtedly leave you with a lasting impression as a half-day adventure. Built along the Jiuhua Mountain Mausoleum Line, the bike trail stretches approximately 8 kilometers and reaches an altitude of over 300 meters, making it the highest scenic bike trail in Taiwan. From April to May, you can admire the blooming tung trees along the route. As you enter the Jiuhua Mountain Skywalk, the panoramic view from the elevated western side gives you a sense of riding in the sky. You can climb up to the two-story observation deck, which features avant-garde design and a blue and red metal structure, reminiscent of deconstructivist parks in Paris. When entering the Tongluo Bike Trail from National Highway 13, it is recommended to make a stop at the Taiwan Hakka Cultural Museum. This large exhibition venue meticulously presents the migration and localization stories of Hakka people worldwide, ranging from daily life and culture to the enduring values of coexistence, sustainability, and harmony with nature throughout Hakka history.

  • Miaoli, Sanyi: Huoyan Mountain and Old Mountain Line Railway
    SMiaoli, Sanyi: Huoyan Mountain and Old Mountain Line Railway
    No. 20-2, Waizhuang, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County

    In the southern border of Miaoli County lies a rare badlands landscape in Taiwan - Huoyan Mountain. With an elevation of 602 meters, the mountain is steep and almost devoid of vegetation, revealing exposed gravel and red soil layers. Located next to National Highway 1, it is known as Taiwan's version of the "Grand Canyon." In recent years, through word-of-mouth among Instagrammers who love capturing fascinating photos, the embankment on the south side of Huoyan Mountain, across from the Da'an River, has become a hidden gem. The desolate landscape of the dried riverbed combined with the backdrop of Huoyan Mountain creates a surreal ambiance, as if being in a different world. Huoyan Mountain features a challenging circular hiking trail that spans 6.4 kilometers. Please proceed with caution after reading the trailhead instructions. On the eastern side of the highway, there is another hidden gem perfect for a fun family adventure. The Old Mountain Line Railway has transformed century-old railway tracks of the Taiwan Railway Administration into a human-powered rail bike. Spanning 12 kilometers, the route passes through historical landmarks such as Shengxing Station, several tunnels, and the famous Longteng Broken Bridge. Along the way, you can enjoy diverse natural landscapes and the unique experience of riding on an elevated railway.




  • Hsinchu-Miaoli Tourism Union Website
    Hsinchu-Miaoli Tourism Union Website


  • Tri Mountain Multiple Surprise
    Tri Mountain Multiple Surprise
  • Tri Mountain Multiple Surprise 2
    Tri Mountain Multiple Surprise 2


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