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Taichung-Changhua Tourism Union

Taichung City is Taiwan's second most populous urban area. Designed during the Japanese colonial period, it was Taiwan's first planned city. It continues to be the pulsating heart of central Taiwan's economic and cultural life. Abundant parks and other verdant spaces bring pride to its residents. A diversity of fashionable retail areas, internationally-acclaimed architecture, historical sites from various epochs, and the cherished tradition of gifting intertwine to define the glamour of Taichung exploration. Lukang in Changhua County boasts a storied history stretching back three centuries. Once an energetic port trading with Fujian and other markets during the Qing Dynasty, Lukang for many years was one of Taiwan's three major cities. Migrations across the Taiwan Strait resulted in the arrival of many products, folk customs and cultural arts. Central Taiwan is the cradle of many Taiwanese cultural traditions and important structures. These include the revered Mazu and Longshan temples, which stand as enduring architectural marvels. Stone and wood carvings, along with precious murals, bear witness to the artistic virtuosity of revered craftsmen. Central Taiwan is truly a cultural treasure trove. The Wufeng Lin Family Garden is an exquisite and immaculately preserved Qing Dynasty residence, while the Great Buddha Statue of Baguashan is a local landmark that leaves deep impressions on the hearts of many.


  • Taichung, Dongshi: Pears Homeland Leisure Agriculture Area
    Taichung, Dongshi: Pears Homeland Leisure Agriculture Area
    No. 242, Sec. 4, Dongqi Rd., Dongshi Dist., Taichung City

    Dongshi District in Taichung City is a well-known fruit-producing area with a moderate climate, suitable humidity, and fertile soil, providing an excellent growing environment. Sweet and juicy pears are the most representative fruit of Dongshi. In 1973, local farmer Chang Jung-Sheng pioneered the "high-grafting pear" technique by grafting pear buds from the high-altitude Lishan area onto low-altitude Hengshan pear trees. Every winter, farmers manually create incisions on the branches of pear trees and graft temperate variety pear buds. After 180 days of growth and protection from light, rain, and pests through bagging, the delicate and juicy pears are harvested from May to August. The main varieties produced in Dongshi include Ganlu Pear, Qiushui Pear, as well as emerging varieties from Japan, such as Shinseiki Pear and Hosui Pear. Pears Homeland Leisure Agriculture Area is the perfect starting point for exploring Dongshi. It offers fruit-picking experiences in local orchards and do-it-yourself courses teaching orchid floral art and making delicious pig cage cakes, a traditional sticky rice dumpling. The area is also a major export location for orchids and a cultural hub for Hakka people's way of life. If you miss the pear season in summer, Dongshi also welcomes visitors with peaches in spring, persimmons in autumn, and citrus fruits in winter.

  • Taichung, Wufeng: Yilu Congress Hall and Lin Family Garden
    Taichung, Wufeng: Yilu Congress Hall and Lin Family Garden
    No. 734, Zhongzheng Rd., Wufeng Dist., Taichung City

    The Yilu Congress Hall, formerly the Taiwan Provincial Congress Hall, has transformed into a historic site designated by Taichung City. Alongside the former Provincial Consultative Council, it forms the Legislative Yuan Democratic Assembly Affairs Park. For those interested in the history of Taiwan's parliamentary democracy, the diverse exhibits here will surely satisfy. Within the Yilu Congress Hall, you'll find Chinese restaurants, cafes, and guest rooms. The golden signage along the corridors and the visually striking spiral staircase in the main hall evoke a sense of the political landscape of the past. The Yilu Congress Hall restaurant, operated by the Wufeng Farmers' Association, serves local specialty rice, and dishes sourced from the mountains and the sea. The Lin Family Garden in Wufeng bears witness to Taiwan's history. Built in 1858, this grand traditional residence and garden complex once belonged to the influential Lin family, one of Taiwan's five major families, and served as their living quarters and banquet venue. Today, it stands as one of the few well-preserved Taiwanese Minnan-style architectural complexes, featuring Qing dynasty-style official residences and a Fuzhou-style opera stage called the Grand Flower Hall. With an informative guided tour system, visitors can easily understand the history of the hall and Taiwan's century-long development.

  • Changhua, Lukang: Lukang Old Street and Guihua Lane
    Changhua, Lukang: Lukang Old Street and Guihua Lane
    No. 72, Putou St., Lukang Township, Changhua County

    Strolling through Lukang Old Street feels like a journey through time, with historical ancient houses and traditional handicraft shops in every corner. This town, a destination for nostalgic travelers, was once a thriving port and prosperous city three centuries ago. The Lukang Mazu Temple, built in 1591, is an essential historical site where residents prayed for safe sea voyages. The Guihua Lane Art Village is transformed from seven Japanese-style houses that used to serve officials, policemen, and teachers. The central street adorned with carp flags and pavilions has become a hot spot for local youth gatherings. For 20 years, the art village has invited artists and craftsmen to create and display their works. Folk paintings, gourds, and scented sachets - rare handicraft pieces are given a new life here.

  • Nantou: Houtanjing Panoramic Skywalk and Babbuza Dreamfactory
    Nantou: Houtanjing Panoramic Skywalk and Babbuza Dreamfactory
    No. 6, Gongye S. 6th Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County

    In the recent years, Taiwan, a major global supply chain hub, has become renowned for its tourism factories, which uniquely integrate exhibitions and interactive experiences. The newly opened Babbuza Dreamfactory in 2022 is an unprecedented tourism factory covering an area of 16,800 square meters. It features green architecture, a creative marketplace, and a multimedia exhibition hall showcasing the indigenous culture of Taiwan. Upon entering, you'll be amazed by the 30.8-meter tall wooden structure resembling a giant tree, along with a circular skywalk that allows you to climb to the top and descend vertically from it. Adjacent to it is a rock climbing wall with footholds made of colorful plastic storage cabinets. Apart from the tourism floors, the headquarters and automated factory of Shuter, a plastic furniture brand established in 1969, are also located here. On the 8th floor, the Taiwanesian Cultural Museum presents the history and diverse cultures of the Austronesian language family through immersive content. In the same area, there is a popular suspension bridge that connects both ends of a well-like valley. It is called the Houtanjing, or Monkey's Well Sky Bridge, because the nearby mountain peak resembles a monkey. The scenic tower here offers a panoramic view of the entire Changhua Plain, and at night, you can enjoy stargazing.

  • Changhua, Tianwei: Botanical Journey
    Changhua, Tianwei: Botanical Journey
    No. 156, Lixing Ln., Tianwei Township, Changhua County

    Located downstream of the Zhuoshui River, Tianwei Town boasts fertile soil and excellent climate, making it an ideal place for various botanic species to thrive. It is home to Taiwan's largest plant and flower market. In recent years, with the increasing importance of plants in contemporary life, Tianwei has attracted plant enthusiasts from all over who come here to admire and shop. Western-style cafes and restaurants with a theme of flowers and herbs provide a relaxing atmosphere in the countryside. Adjacent to Provincial Highway 1, Tianwei Highway Garden covers a vast area of 341 hectares and is a major bonsai and seedling production area. Among them, the chrysanthemum fields produce 40 million stems annually. During winter nights, the chrysanthemums are illuminated to enhance their growth, creating the famous "Chrysanthemum Night Sky" in Taiwan.




  • Taichung-Changhua Tourism Union Website
    Taichung-Changhua Tourism Union Website


  • Mountain Multiple Surprise
    Mountain Multiple Surprise
  • Mountain Multiple Surprise
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