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Sun Moon Lake Tourism Union (Sun Moon Lake Plus)

The Sun Moon Lake area offers great eco-diversity, including mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, wetlands, hot springs, forests and fields. With its abundant cultural and natural resources, the area has been able to develop tourism attractions along themes such as mountain tourism, eco-tourism, agro-tourism, cultural tourism and sports tourism. The area's diversity provides fertile ground for agriculture and animal husbandry. Visitors can enjoy many treats, including Nantou pineapple, Caotun lychee, Guoxing coffee, Puli passion fruit, Puli bamboo shoots, Shui Li plums, Shui Li navel oranges, Yuchi black tea and Xinyi grapes. Other local specialties include bananas, dairy products, honey, mushrooms, herbs, yams, rice and vegetable oils. A rich culinary history also provides visitors with a variety of locally-prepared food specialties. These include sour plum soup, beef noodle soup, ice cream sandwiches, Nantou noodles, Nantou pineapple cakes, Caotun mochi, Mingjian meat products, Zhongliao ginger duck, Puli shaoxing banquets, old-style Japanese foods, Renai dairy products, Jiji banana cakes, Ershui rural cuisine, Bunin-style traditional barbeque, and Zhongtian's honey and doufu products. Everyone is warmly welcomed to visit this area and enjoy its beautiful scenery, unique cultures and delicious foods.


  • Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area
    Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area
    No. 11, Songyuan Ln., Ren'ai Township, Nantou County

    Mt. Hehuan, at an elevation of more than 3,000 meters, is famous for its alpine azalea season from April to June. The blooming sea of flowers fills the mountain with color. Visitors can experience the azaleas along the Hehuan Peaks trail. From here you can view the beautiful flowers below and the winding roads of this region. The "Hehuanshan International Dark Sky Park" is also very popular. It was certified by the International Dark-Sky Association in 2019. It is the first dark sky location in Taiwan, and only the third in Asia.

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  • Jiji Green Tunnel
    Jiji Green Tunnel
    Caoling Ln., Jiji Township, Nantou County
    +886-49-2762034 (Jiji Township Office, Nantou County)

    The 4.5 km Jiji Green Tunnel lies between the towns of Mingjian and Jiji. The route travels through a landscape of camphor trees and other greenery. Some of the camphor trees date back to the 1940s, and their dense branches and leaves provide welcome shade. Adjacent to the trail is the Jiji Rail Line. The slowly rolling trains add poetic flavor. This is a popular spot for newlyweds and other to take pictures.

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  • Houtanjing Recreation Area
    Houtanjing Recreation Area
    No. 300, Houtanjing St., Nantou City, Nantou County

    The area around Bagua Mountain straddles the counties of Nantou and Changhua, and has two main hiking trails. One begins at the Houtanjing Observatory, and the other at a tea garden viewing pavilion. The two trails, which are separated by a valley, are now connected by a 204-meter (265-step) sky bridge. One end of the bridge is 5.65 meters higher than the other. From the bridge, one can see the Changhua Plain in the distance. You might have a feeling that you're walking on clouds.

  • Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art
    Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art
    No. 26, Ln. 150, Jianxing Rd., Caotun Township, Nantou County

    The Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art is a private museum that focuses on contemporary realistic art. It hopes to support the arts in Taiwan through exhibits, research, teaching and village residencies. The museum can be described as "exquisite, low-key, and neat." Hidden in the mountains, it won the First Prize in a 2016 Taiwan architecture competition. Why not come for an aesthetic walk! The museum has an appointment-based visit system, which allows people to take leisurely walks in this comfortable space and enjoy the beauty of the art.

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  • Qingjing Farm
    Qingjing Farm
    No. 25, Dingyuan New Vil., Ren’ai Township, Nantou County

    Qingjing FarmQingjing Farm offers beautiful scenery throughout the year. Each season is interesting in its own way. Green Lake is a symbol of longevity. Other attractive areas include a green grassland and fruit orchards. The surrounding mountains and wilderness provide a sense of tranquility. The main route at Qingjing includes the Qingjing Grassland, the Guanshan Pasture, the Shoushan Garden and the Small Swiss Garden. Generaly speaking, the Qingjing area extends from Wushe in the south to Meifeng in the north.

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  • Tataka Recreation Area
    Tataka Recreation Area
    No. 118, Taiping Ln., Xinyi Township, Nantou County

    The Tataka Recreation Area is in the northwestern part of Yushan National Park. At an altitude of 2,500-2,800 meters, it offers rich natural, cultural and ecological resources. In addition to famous attractions such as “Couple Trees” and Shishan (a Taiwan Macaque habitat), a hiking network follows the slopes of Mt. Lulin, Mt. Linzhi and Mt. Dongpu. A visitor center provides personalized assistance as well as information boards and multimedia shows. Tourists can choose a self-guided roaming tour or request a guided tour with commentary.

  • Railway Sightseeing School
    Railway Sightseeing School
    No. 127, Minquan Ln., Shuili Township, Nantou County

    The Railway Sightseeing School was built on the site of the former Checheng Elementary School. Checheng is the terminus of the Jiji Branch Line. The Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Management Office transformed a former railway warehouse into the Checheng Management Station Office and Tourist Center. Together with the surrounding railway facilities and businesses, it forms the Railway Cultural Park. Another Japanese-era building that was a staff dormitory has also been carefully restored, bringing back scenes of everyday life of the railway stationmaster and the broader area. A machine shop has also been restored.

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  • Xitou Nature Education Area
    Xitou Nature Education Area
    No. 9, Senlin Ln., Lugu Township, Nantou County

    Designated by the Ministry of Education in 1992 as one of the earliest "Nature Education Outdoor Teaching and Research Centers," the Xitou Nature Education Area has an abundance of educational resources and natural scenery. The latter includes specimen gardens for bamboo, ferns and conifers, as well as plantings of begonia. The park is also involved in conservation efforts. This low- and middle-altitude area is home to many plant and animal species. The park is affiliated with National Taiwan University, and has long invested in ecological and natural resource research. This includes environmental education in areas such as forest biodiversity.

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  • Shuanglong Rainbow Suspension Bridge Park
    Shuanglong Rainbow Suspension Bridge Park
    Shuanglong Vil., Yuchi Township, Nantou County

    The Shuanglong Waterfall is divided into upper and lower sections. “Shuanglong” means “two dragons,” and some people feel the falls resemble two dragons in the sky. This then became its name. Opened in 2020, the Shuanglong Rainbow Suspension Bridge is 342 meters long and has a vertical change of 110 meters. It is the longest and deepest suspension bridge in Taiwan. It crosses a magnificent valley and is very challenging. The circular trail and landscape platform are good places to visit in these mountains and forests. You can also experience the beautiful culture of the indigenous people here.

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  • Zhongxing New Village Cultural Area
    Zhongxing New Village Cultural Area
    No. 1, Shengfu Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County

    Zhongxing New Village was built in 1956, and it was the seat of the Taiwan Provincial Government until a restructuring of the provincial government in 2018. This town was the first planned city built by the Republic of China government. The low-density plan and nice living environment set a model for urban development in Taiwan.



  • Sun Moon Lake Tourism Union YouTube Channel
    Sun Moon Lake Tourism Union YouTube Channel


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