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Sun Moon Lake Tourism Union (Sun Moon Lake Plus)

Sun Moon Lake Tourism Union (Sun Moon Lake Plus) LOGO

The Sun Moon Lake area offers great eco-diversity, including mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, wetlands, hot springs, forests and fields. With its abundant cultural and natural resources, the area has been able to develop tourism attractions along themes such as mountain tourism, eco-tourism, agro-tourism, cultural tourism and sports tourism. The area's diversity provides fertile ground for agriculture and animal husbandry. Visitors can enjoy many treats, including Nantou pineapple, Caotun lychee, Guoxing coffee, Puli passion fruit, Puli bamboo shoots, Shui Li plums, Shui Li navel oranges, Yuchi black tea and Xinyi grapes. Other local specialties include bananas, dairy products, honey, mushrooms, herbs, yams, rice and vegetable oils. A rich culinary history also provides visitors with a variety of locally-prepared food specialties. These include sour plum soup, beef noodle soup, ice cream sandwiches, Nantou noodles, Nantou pineapple cakes, Caotun mochi, Mingjian meat products, Zhongliao ginger duck, Puli shaoxing banquets, old-style Japanese foods, Renai dairy products, Jiji banana cakes, Ershui rural cuisine, Bunin-style traditional barbeque, and Zhongtian's honey and doufu products. Everyone is warmly welcomed to visit this area and enjoy its beautiful scenery, unique cultures and delicious foods.

  • Green Tunnel

    Green Tunnel

  • Houtanjing Recreation Area (Panoramic Skywalk)

    Houtanjing Recreation Area (Panoramic Skywalk)


  • Sun Moon Lake Tourism Union
    Sun Moon Lake Tourism Union


  • Sun Moon Lake Tourism Union YouTube Channel
    Sun Moon Lake Tourism Union YouTube Channel


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