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Great Alishan Tourism Union

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The Great Alishan Tourism Union was established in March 2019. This national scenic area is rich in tourism resources. Key tourism themes in this area include tea, coffee, railways, indigenous culture, ecology and romance. Three core concepts underlying these themes are “exquisite,” “niche,” and “in-depth.” The area’s transportation network shuttles tourists through the cascading greenery of mountains and forests. It’s famous for the beauty of the sunrise in a sea of clouds, as well as its meticulous tea garden scenery and the culture of the Tsou people.

This area’s agricultural specialties, such as Alishan tea and coffee, have won numerous awards and garnered recognition at home and abroad. Also, the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration has launched the "Alishan EASYGO" e-commerce platform. This platform provides information on tours related to key themes, as well as other options. Because of the pandemic, a feature was added that allows people to purchase special Alishan products while shopping from home.

  • Fenqihu Scenic Area

    Fenqihu Scenic Area

  • Taiping Suspension Bridge

    Taiping Suspension Bridge


  • Alishan EASY GO
    Alishan EASY GO


  • Alishan National Scenic Area Administration YouTube Channel
    Alishan National Scenic Area YouTube Channel


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