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Great Alishan Tourism Union

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The Great Alishan Tourism Union was established in March 2019. This national scenic area is rich in tourism resources. Key tourism themes in this area include tea, coffee, railways, indigenous culture, ecology and romance. Three core concepts underlying these themes are"exquisite","niche",and "in-depth".The area's transportation network shuttles tourists through the cascading greenery of mountains and forests. It's famous for the beauty of the sunrise in a sea of clouds, as well as its meticulous tea garden scenery and the culture of the Tsou people. This area's agricultural specialties, such as Alishan tea and coffee, have won numerous awards and garnered recognition at home and abroad. Also, the Alishan National Scenic Area Headquarters has launched the "Alishan EASYGO" e-commerce platform. This platform provides information on tours related to key themes, as well as other options. Because of the pandemic, a feature was added that allows people to purchase special Alishan products while shopping from home.


  • Niupuzi Love Prairie
    Niupuzi Love Prairie
    No.15,Checheng,Chukou Vil,Fanlu Township,Chiayi County

    Niupuzi Love Prairie is near the 32 km mark of Provincial Highway 18. It is at one entrance to the Alishan National Scenic Area. The installation art in the park is based on the themes of "love" and "Alishan.” The red and white artworks are particularly eye-catching on the green grass. It provides a setting for lovers to relive their sweet times again.

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  • Fenqihu
    Fenqihu,Fanlu Township,Chiayi County Taiwán,R.O.C

    Fenqihu is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The local scenery and houses have led people to call it the “Jiufen of southern Taiwan.” The houses built on the mountain reveal traces of time over the years. The town's 500-meter old street has stalls that sell local specialties, such as spicy wasabi, jelly-fig and tamarillos.

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  • Taiping Suspension Bridge
    Taiping Suspension Bridge
    No.5,Xiakengzai,Taiping Vil,Meishan Township,Chiayi County

    The Taipei Suspension Bridge crosses over the Sanyuan Rainbow Waterfall, connecting Mt. Gui and Meishan Taiping Village. Visitors can look upon the scenery of Chiayi and a sea of clouds. They also overlook the “36 bends” of the Meishan and Chianan Plain.

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  • 1314 Lookout
    1314 Lookout
    Meishan Township,Chiayi County

    Guanri Peak is 1,311 meters above sea level. If the weather is favorable, from the gazebo at Guanri Peak you can see Caoling Dabeng Mountain to the east and Ruifeng Village to the south. In the evening you can also see a night view of Chiayi City.

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  • Danaiku Nature Ecological Park
    Danaiku Nature Ecological Park
    No.51, Alishan Township,Chiayi County

    Danaiku (Danai Valley) is in the catchment area of the upper reaches of the Zengwen River. Taiwan Shoveljaw Carp are abundant in this river. In the past, outsiders would use incorrect means, such as electrification, to capture the fish. They also introduced chemicals. This destroyed the natural ecology of the stream. In 1989, under the initiative of a former township mayor, a conservation team and river protection committee were formed. Local villagers formed river patrol teams to stop the illegal activities. After several years of hard work, the Danai Valley Creek became cleaner and schools of fish became clearly visible. The natural ecology of the creek has been restored.

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  • Alishan EASY GO
    Alishan EASY GO
  • Great Alishan Tourism Union Website
    Great Alishan Tourism Union Website


  • Alishan National Scenic Area Headquarters YouTube Channel
    Alishan National Scenic Area YouTube Channel


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