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Crown Coast Tourism Union


The Crown Coast Tourism Union includes Keelung City and the New Taipei City towns of Wugu, Bali, Tamsui, Sanzhi, Shimen, Jinshan and Wanli. Its northern coastline resembles a crown upon Taiwan, a theme that is reinforced by the Queen's Head rock formation in the Yehliu Geopark. Each scenic spot and business here can be viewed as a shining jewel on the crown.

The Crown Coast is rich in scenic spots, such as Guanyin Mountain, the Fuguijiao Lighthouse at the extreme north, Qianshui Bay, Baisha Bay and Zhongjiao Bay. In addition, Yehliu and Heping Island have special landscapes and cultural resources. The Jinshan/Wanli area has many high-quality hot springs and a terrain that is good for cycling, surfing and stand-up paddleboarding. Nearby are the Juming Art Museum and the Dharma Drum Mountain Park. Coupled with local high-quality businesses, these all highlight the diverse characteristics and charm of the Crown Coast.

The Crown of Adventure
The Crown of Romance
The Crown of Seasons


  • Yehliu Geopark
    Yehliu Geopark
    No.167-1,Gangdong,Wanli Dist.,New Taipei City

    Yehliu Geopark is famous for its large, strange rocks that come in a variety of shapes. This is an internationally-renowned scenic spot, and must-see place in New Taipei City. Standing on the edge of Yehliu Cape, the endless sea stretches in front of you, and interesting rocks are everywhere, including mushroom rock, tofu rock, elephant trunk rock, fairy shoes, and the queen's head. Some may think whether immortals sculpted these rocks and left these magical relics to the world.

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  • Heping Island Park
    Heping Island Geopark
    No.360,Ping 1st Rd.,Zhongzheng Dist.,Keelung City

    The Heping Island is primarily composed of sandstone. The strange rocks and boulders along the coastline have been eroded by the sea and wind for many years, creating special terrain such as sea erosion platforms, tofu rocks, sea trenches, sea cliffs, sea caves, and mushroom rocks. The most famous are mushroom-shaped stones. In addition to the magnificent terrain, exposed fossils are another geological treasure of Heping Island. In order to protect the precious geological resources, tours are conducted on a guided and scheduled basis.

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  • Doris Café
    Doris Café
    No.34-5,Laoqiankeng Rd.,Bali Dist.,New Taipei City

    This farm’s owner left his job of 15 years and returned to the mountains from Taipei. He began to focus on planting pomelo and peaches. The farm’s Chinese name expresses a hope that the peaches will continue to grow on this land. In addition to his courageous spirit, he enjoys making new friends and striving to make his farm better. Visitors can enjoy the lovely scenery and leave with good memories.

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  • Mufeng Leisure Farm(Move-Bee)
    Mufeng Leisure Farm(Move-Bee)
    No.74,Chencuokeng,Sanzhi Dist.,New Taipei City

    Mufeng Leisure Farm (Move-Bee) is part of the peaceful Zhibo Artist’s Village. The farm is surrounded by mountains on three sides. It covers nearly three hectares. The farm’s owner keeps his beekeeping operations open to the public, and explains how he makes his honey. The farm is commercial, but also welcomes visitors. It is a well-known tourist attraction in Sanzhi District.

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  • Yang Ming Oceanic Culture and Art Museum
    Yang Ming Oceanic Culture and Art Museum
    No.4,Gangxi St.,Ren’ai Dist.,Keelung City

    The Yang Ming Oceanic Culture and Art Museum has hosted many exhibitions, and is a Keelung treasure. It combines the humanities and the arts with the promotion of marine culture and maritime knowledge. In 2021, the museum was reorganized under the concept of "Keelung 1915." Shipping and ports are frequent themes. Everyone is invited “on board” to sail the seas, combining inspirational moments with unique city/sea views at Keelung Port, and remembering the hardworking people who sail the ships of our world.

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  • Crown Coast Tourism Union Website
    Crown Coast Tourism Union Website


  • Crown Coast—The Crown of Adventure
    Crown Coast—The Crown of Adventure
  • Crown Coast—The Crown of Romance
    Crown Coast—The Crown of Romance
  • Crown Coast—The Crown of Seasons
    Crown Coast—The Crown of Seasons


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