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Kaohsiung Tourism Union

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The Kaohsiung Tourism Union integrates Kaohsiung's District 38 and three townships in northern Pingtung. It's many specialty products include camellia tea, coffees, white radish and sacha inchi oil. The area's diverse scenery includes mountain towns, coastal areas, harbors, Hakka villages, fishing villages and other charming cultures. Its attractions include cultural parks, shopping centers and distinctive tourism factories. All are invited to warm and sunny southern Taiwan. Roam from the mountains to the sea, and enjoy the fun and beauty of the Kaohsiung Tourism Union.


  • Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum
    Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum
    No.1,Tongling Rd.,Dashu Dist.,Kaohsiung City

    Kaohsiung's Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum was opened in 2011. Outside is a park of over 100 hectares in size. It's a must-visit landmark in Kaohsiung. Fo Guang Shan is a people-oriented facility that promotes lifelong education. It also manages the Buddha Museum to pass on its religious themes and allow the facility to remain an iconic venue in southern Taiwan.

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  • Lo Mei Museum
    Lo Mei Museum
    No.25,Bengong 1st Rd.,Ben Zhou Industrial Park,Gangshan Dist.,Kaohsiung City

    The Lo Mei Museum is the first of its kind in Taiwan. It combines the themes of technology, food safety and the nostalgia of Taiwan's night markets. They offer Lo Mei products for sale. This museum has been selected for many years by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs as an "International Highlight Sightseeing” economic museum. Joint tickets are offered that can be used at other nearby venues, such as an aviation museum.

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  • E-DA World Theme Park
    E-DA World Theme Park
    No.10,Sec.1,Xuecheng Rd.,Dashu Dist.,Kaohsiung City

    The E-DA World Theme Park includes restaurants, shopping plazas and an amusement park. The 90-hectare facility has venues for education, medical care, dining, sports, entertainment, shopping and accommodations. The 123 open-air market has occasional exhibitions and sales events held by members of the Kaohsiung Tourism Union.

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  • Sanfeng Middle Road
    Sanfeng Middle Road
    Sanfeng Central St.,Sanmin Dist.,Kaohsiung City

    The site of today's Sanfeng Middle Road used to be called Sankuaicuo Road. Sankuaicuo was one of Kaohsiung's historical villages. In the last years before the Qing era in Taiwan ended in 1895, the #2 Canal still passed through it. The area was an important stop along the canal. As a result, the shops on Sanfeng Middle Road extend for 400 meters, and groceries are piled high. The road is a must-go-to place for Kaohsiung's citizens at the Lunar New Year.

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  • Riverside shopping district
    Riverside shopping district
    Heti Rd.,Sanmin Dist.,Kaohsiung City

    The Riverside shopping district is in a mixed residential and commercial area near Mingzhe Road, Mingxian Street, Hedi Road and Mingcheng 2nd Road. It spans the Love River, and commercial offerings in the district include restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores, beauty salons and bookstores. At night, visitors can enjoy the reflection of the lights on the Love River, and the cool breeze passing through the trees.

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  • Singda Harbor, Lover’s Wharf
    Singda Harbor, Lover’s Wharf
    No.88,Dafa Rd.,Qieding Dist.,Kaohsiung City

    Singda Harbor is the largest fishing port in Taiwan, and it's the center of a traditional fishing village that is also a tourist attraction. The small boats go out to sea either late at night or early in the morning. They return at around noon to offer their catch for sale. Visitors can observe the unloading of the products and the auctions. The freshly-caught fish is delicious. Although this is a wholesale market, some merchants accept small quantity purchases by individuals.

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  • Kaohsiung Lighthouse
    Kaohsiung Lighthouse
    No.34,Qixia Ln.,Qijin Dist.,Kaohsiung City

    The Kaohsiung Lighthouse was built in 1883. People often call it "Qihou Lighthouse." It is located on the top of Qihou Mountain in Qijin District, Kaohsiung City. It's the only white octagonal brick lighthouse in Taiwan. The top is cylindrical, and the architecture is elegant. A renovation was completed in 2022, adding amenities such as an area for drinking coffee. Visitors will be able to watch ships enter the port while enjoying their coffee and the surrounding scenery.

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  • Stack II Library KW2
    Stack II Library KW2
    No.17,Penglai Rd.,Gushan Dist.,Kaohsiung City

    The Stack II Library is at Kaohsiung Port's Pier 2. During the Japanese era, it was a single-story warehouse with brick walls and a tile roof. After being damaged in World War II, it was rebuilt in the 1960s using reinforced concrete and steel.The absence of internal pillars facilitated the movement of goods. In 2003, the Kaohsiung government declared it to be a historical building. In modern times, the 3,000-square-meter space offers classic foods, handmade products, and a terrace with a wonderful sea view, making it popular place for both locals and visitors to meet.

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  • Kaohsiung Tourism Union Website
    Kaohsiung Tourism Union Website


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