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Taitung Longitudinal Valley Tourism Union

The Taitung portion of the East Longitudinal Valley has unique climatic conditions, helping to produce fragrant and tasty rice. The lovely scenery of the rice fields has become a tonic for travelers seeking to relax their bodies and minds. The valley lies between the Central Mountain Range and Coastal Mountain Range. The sky, fields and the mountains combine to create beautiful scenes, as if from a landscape painting. The area's Tourism Union continues the five major themes of the Hualien Union, leading visitors slowly through this beautiful land.



  • Guanshan Old Railway Station - Station Master’s Dormitory
    Guanshan Old Railway Station - Station Master’s Dormitory
    No. 21, Bo'ai Rd., Guanshan Township, Taitung County

    The station master's dormitory lies to the northwest of the Guanshan Old Railway Station. It was completed in 1919 (the same year as the Taiwan Governor-General's Office in Taipei). The building is primarily constructed from cypress supported on a brick foundation. The walls were made from woven bamboo that was whitewashed. The exterior is clad with clapboards to prevent rainwater. The roof is a mansard style, with four sides sloping down from the peak. The bay window design on the north facade is rare for its time. This Japanese-style historic site now serves as an attractive rest stop for cyclists and others.

  • Guanshan Rice County School
    Guanshan Rice County School
    No. 24-1, Changlin, Guanshan Township, Taitung County

    The Rice County School was established by the Guanshan Township Farmers' Association. It provides many experiences related to rice production, summarized as "seeing, eating, playing with, and buying rice." Items can be purchased here. The school has a rice cultural relic museum, a DIY classroom, a rice engraving classroom, and an agricultural product exhibition and sales center. The school's old-fashioned big bowl of public rice is a must-try special meal.

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  • Guanshan Bicycle Path
    Guanshan Bicycle Path
    No. 1, Longsheng Rd., Guanshan Township, Taitung County

    The Guanshan Town Circle Bicycle Path goes around Guanshan, and extends for about 12 kilometers. The path conditions are flat and comfortable. Cycling provides an excellent way to see Guanshan in any of the four seasons. One can enjoy a comprehensive tour of Guanshan Township, including the surrounding rice fields and its simple rural style. The highest point on the route is the Zongguan Riyue Pavilion. The pavilion is worth a visit while following the circular tour.

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  • Guanshan Water Park
    Guanshan Water Park
    No. 1, Longsheng Rd., Guanshan Township, Taitung County

    The Guanshan Water Park is next to the Beinan River. It takes about 30 minutes to cycle around the park, which includes bird watching blinds, artificial lakes, stargazing platforms, and various water-related facilities. Summer is a good time to visit. The water in the park comes from an underground spring. It's not only clean, but also extremely cool. In the water play area and fountain square, visitors can splash each other with water, and walk back and forth between the fountains. This is a good place for family outings.

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  • Kaadaadaan
    No. 85, Zhongxing, Guanshan Township, Taitung County

    Residing at the foot of the Coastal Mountain Range's western side, the tribe (Kaadaadaan) are members of the Amis. About 150 years ago, they migrated north to this location from the Hengchun peninsula. About 100 years ago, Qing Dynasty soldiers invaded this area. The aboriginal peoples fought fiercely in resistance, and used bamboo cannons to scare off the Qing soldiers. In modern days, the sounds of bamboo cannons are used not only as a remembrance of tribal history, but also as a means of welcoming visitors and giving them a tribal blessing. The tribe's Baoma canteen uses locally-produced ingredients to cook foods that have a taste of happiness. Vegetables from the aunt next door and small tomatoes from grandma are fresh and clean. Scallion-cooked chicken is one of the special treats.

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  • Mr. Brown Avenue
    Mr. Brown Avenue
    Lixue Rd., Chishang Township, Taitung County

    Chishang and Dapo Pond are enchanting places to visit. Traveling on narrow roads through the rice fields of Chishang, one can see mountains to the east and west. Enjoy a tea break under the Takeshi Kaneshiro Tree on Mr. Brown Avenue. The mountains and rice fields provide beautiful scenery as you bike down Paradise Road. Enjoy the slow pace of life in Chishang, and the different scenes that appear along the way.



  • Taitung Longitudinal Valley Tourism Union Website
    Taitung Longitudinal Valley Tourism Union Website


  • Hunter's Outdoor Dining Table
    Hunter's Outdoor Dining Table
  • Millet Swing Dining
    Millet Swing Dining
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