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Some people say that Taiwan's Route 11 down the east coast provides some of the most beautiful coastline views on the island. Driving south, you can see the mountains to the west and the sea to the east. You'll also pass by the Shuangbin Mountains and cross the rapids at Xiuguluan. You can also experience the old town of Chenggong and take a slow tour along the Donghe River. Let the ocean be your guide as you travel further south, and discover the beauty of the east coast's mountains and seas.


  • Cidal Hunter School
    Cidal Hunter School
    No.179,Shuilian Rd.,Shoufeng Township, Hualien County

    This fun and relaxing tribal tour takes tourists on outings to identify plants, make traps, picnic without tools, catch raw shrimp/crab in streams and rivers, and go fishing in a playful way. One special feature is learning how the tribe uses various forest plants to make daily necessities, such as bowls, chopsticks, kettles and wreaths. A visit to the school allows one to experience the wisdom of the Amis, and the manner in which they interact with nature.

  • Dashibishan
    Jiqi, Fengbin Township, Hualien County

    Dashibishan (Dashibi Hill) is at the southern end of the Jiqi Beach Recreation Area. This is a hill that protrudes out into the ocean. Because the landform contains many large rocks, the protrusion into the sea reminds some of a “big nose” and the hill extending to the sea the back of a turtle. Thus, it is also called "Turtle Mountain (Gui'an Mountain)."

  • King Kong Avenue
    King Kong Avenue
    Zhangguang Industry Rd,Changbin Township,Taitung County

    King Kong Avenue is a beautiful road that stretches through green fields, and is bounded by mountains and sea. To get there, at about the 85 km marker of Provincial Highway 11 take the East 13 Changguang Industrial Road. This is part of the Zhongyong Bikeway. King Kong Avenue has a straight section of road with no telephone poles, and which is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of fields, mountains and the sea. It has been compared to Mr. Brown Avenue, which is further south in Taitung. The section of road noted above has wonderful views of the majestic "Mt. King Kong" of the Coastal Mountain Range to the west, which gives the avenue its name. With a landscape of terraced fields on both sides of the road, the scenery changes with the seasons. The views are always memorable.

  • Marine Environmental Education Center
    Marine Environmental Education Center
    No.1-5,Gangbian Rd.,Chenggong Township,Taitung County

    This center is at the Chenggong Yacht Marina. It introduces many types of marine mammals, sailfish (as in the movie “A Town Called Success” about a traditional Taiwanese fishing community), and Taiwan's fishing culture. Guided tours and materials in the museum are just the beginning. Using rented electric vehicles, visitors can make evening visits to Sanxiantai. They can also go on whale watching trips in the ocean. A visit to this area provides people with a deeper understanding of the precious marine ecology of Taitung. It is a place where parents and children can learn together about marine ecology.

  • Old Donghe Bridge
    Old Donghe Bridge
    Donghe Township,Taitung County

    The Old Donghe Bridge is at the mouth of the Mawuku River in Taitung. It connects Chenggong Town and Donghe Township. The bridge was closed after the new Donghe Bridge was completed. As the north bank consists of limestone, a large arch is used on that side of the bride. On the south bank, which has soft ground, a frame bridge approach was used. Visitors can walk on the bridge and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Mawuku River flowing slowly into the sea.

  • Fugang Geopark
    Fugang Geopark
    No.500, Sec.1,Songjiang Rd.,Taitung City,Taitung County

    The Fugang Geopark (Little Yehliu) lies north of Fugang Fishing Harbor. Home to amazing rock formations by the sea, the geopark was established in 2020. The area has a visitor center, shops, camping areas, and seaside trails. In addition to wonderful views of the rocks and sea, you can also see Green Island 33 kilometers away. Camping here is very enjoyable. You can experience the feeling of falling asleep while listening to the sound of the sea at night.

  • Fanchuanbi Grassland
    Fanchuanbi Grassland
    No.167,Wenquan,Ludao Township,Taitung County

    The Fanchuanbi Grassland (also called the Green Island Carpet) is set in Green Island's southeast corner. It can be reached via the trail from the Chaori Hot Spring. This flat promontory is covered with green grass, and the surrounding blue sky and sea create excellent views that seems endless. The cliffs on the edge of the grassland overlook the Chaori Hot Spring and Haicanping. This is one of the best spots on Green Island from which to enjoy the sunrise, moonrise, sea of stars, and sea breeze.



  • East Coast Tourism Union Website
    East Coast Tourism Union Website


  • East Coast National Scenic Area YouTube Channel
    East Coast National Scenic Area YouTube Channel
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